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  1. xp600

    Cabela's Rubber boots on sale

    For $50, I think you scored.
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    Scouting maps

    I was able to see boundaries by applying the correct map layers but if I wanted owner info, that is pay service.
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    Past NJ Meat Poles (2016-2019)

  4. xp600

    Scouting maps

    Huntstand is another option. I havent paid for it and used it extensively last year.
  5. xp600

    Timberframe House Build

    Very impressive.
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    OK.... Rant time

    Congratulations. Each are gorgeous
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    Personal best ADK buck

    Never thought I would say this but that's a great dink!
  8. xp600

    Do you use game cart to haul your deer?

    syfurian New member Joined Tuesday at 11:24 AM Last seen Tuesday at 2:45 PM I think he's still dragging one out??? :p
  9. xp600

    A little video from Saturday afternoon

    Cool video. Congrats on the doe.
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    Do you use game cart to haul your deer?

    Each job is different. I've dragged, used a jet sled, used a rolling sled like I had when I was a kid, used a deer cart but the best was when I had a ~130lb buck down a 200 foot steep embankment and we used 2 4 wheelers and a long piece of rope. Use what you got, so long as your legal.
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    Can land designated as Recreation, be posted?

    I think there is widespread abuse of the current use discounts afforded to landowners... Just this week NPR did a show on this very topic, 57 minutes The Role Of Current Use For Our Land And Within Our Tax Structure Current use is a land taxation program that aims to encourage open space...
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    Maine Success

    Sounds like a great trip. Congrats on your success.
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    Cool Experience

    Good job Dad!
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    Can land designated as Recreation, be posted?

    I stopped by twice, nobody home. Will keep trying. The town assessor said she was going to send the landowner a letter, that they can keep the discount but the signs would have to come down or the signs stay up but the discount goes away, I didnt intend for that to happen but she had to look...
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    Shooter Buck and Pine-Lock's 2019 week one

    Great pictures. Thanks for bringing us along. Congrats on all the filled tags!!!
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    Cold firearms opener! Brrrr!

    Glad I had the extra layer as the wind never let up. Anyway, nothing seen and no shots heard. Will try again Friday hopefully.
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    Cold firearms opener! Brrrr!

    Super cold out there today for sure. Not sure if the temps kept everyone away or what but there appears to be hardly anyone hunting today. I headed out this morning after a meeting for work, came home to warm up and headed back out in a few. Bringing an extra layer with me this time. Great...
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    Can land designated as Recreation, be posted?

    The posted signs in use are the standard POSTED No Trespassing signs so it seems to me it isnt posted correctly if he is getting the discount. But I dont want to cause a stir with the landowner and the town so I'm just going to knock on his door as they live in town, and simply ask for...
  19. xp600

    Can land designated as Recreation, be posted?

    Assessor called me back. Yes it can be posted and in current use but if its both then the landowner is not entitled to the extra "Recreation" discount of 20%. I will be visiting the landowner and see if I can get permission. Here's a decent pamphlet about Current Use in NH...
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    Can land designated as Recreation, be posted?

    If a parcel of land is in Current Use, can it be posted? There's a 220 acre chunk of woods that I have hunted for years which is now posted. I looked it up on the town web site to see if I could find the owner to ask permission. Found out the Use description of the lot is "FOR WP REC". Not...