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  1. BDB

    Both buck tags filled in a tripple up

    Had a good day on Monday Nov 4th and wanted to share my crazy morning in the woods.. Weather was cold, the rut is kicking in and I had a good stand on a property that is trying to reduce the deer population. Got up at 4, was on stand at 5:20. The first deer appeared at 7 and 3 archery deer...
  2. BDB

    A little video from Saturday afternoon

    I was hunting a local bow spot Saturday afternoon and still had some doe tags in my pocket still. These three walked in so I dropped the biggest doe in the group. I bought a Tacticam stabilizer mounted camera this year and love it for ease of operation and quality.
  3. BDB

    Opening morning NY deer

    I dropped this guy at 7:45am on the opening day in upstate NY. He came in at my farthest shooting window and I had a shot to the right off hand at 75 yards. I must have pulled it over his shoulder in my haste. I stood up and turned around leaning the muzzle loader against the tree to reload...
  4. BDB

    Finally dropped one

    Been in the woods a lot and have seen deer, passed on a doe and button and couldn't seal the deal on a nice 8 who showed up 2 Saturdays in a row at the same time and place. This morning I had a short sit, first morning hunt in a new stand location. Climbed up the tree and 15 minutes later...
  5. BDB

    Muzzle loader not fireing

    So I have a CVA Optima ML. The gun always shoots great and I love it. Took it to the range today to validate zero for an upcoming hunt. First three were tight and about 1" high at 50 yards so I was feeling good. Decided to try some different bullets and sabots to see how they shot. The ML...
  6. BDB

    Fun and strange morning

    I crawled into one of my MA stands this AM. About 8:30 I could see deer working behind me. They fed closer and I realized it was a button buck and a doe. I had a few shot opportunities on each but opted to pass. Then they decided to bed down 25 yards behind me. Doe was in the thick stuff...
  7. BDB

    Glock 17 Gen 2

    SOLD - Glock 17 Gen 2 Sold
  8. BDB

    Winchester 94 100 year commemorative NYST BNIB

    Now down to $600. I just want this out of my safe to free up space. Decided to put it back on the market and willing to take a loss to move this gun. Dropped from $750 to $650. Beautiful rifle!! This is a brand new in the box Winchester 94 100th anniversary special edition celebrating the...
  9. BDB

    Well I guess this is one way to do it

    Pretty good (or lucky) shot to free these two deer. I'm curious if the antler fragments or bullet caused any injuries to the deer. From the article it doesn't seem like they had a lot of options. Nice end result for sure...
  10. BDB

    Hog hunting question

    I have been threatening to head south on a hog hunt for quite some time now and this year I have vowed to make it happen. I have been poking around have found a few places but I thought I'd check here if anyone has done it. So here is what I am looking for. I do not want a high fenced ranch...
  11. BDB

    Anyone know this guy?

    A buddy of mine has had 3 cameras busted this season. 2 of them he found yesterday smashed but the guy dropped or threw away the SD cards. They were found in the woods 50+ yards from the cameras. We have hi res video of the guy carring one broken camera and breaking the second!!! This is in...
  12. BDB

    buck with my daughter!

    Well, it finally happened I was able to drop a buck with my 8 year old daughter in the stand with me. I take her once or twice a year for the last few years and we have yet to see a deer on stand. I figure part of that is keeping a 5-8 yo quiet and still for 2+ hours! Here's the story. We...
  13. BDB

    Blue Hills

    Well, for better or worse, my MasswWildlife customer ID is listed as one of the ones drawn for Day 2 November 30th. I applied with a buddy so it looks like we are going to see how crazy it is. maybe I should look for some body armor for under my orange vest :cool: I didn't get an email yet...
  14. BDB

    A little oppsy moment!

    A little oopsy moment! And thankfully one that didn't end badly since it sure could have! I was headed into the stand Tuesday AM and little behind schedule. I always put my harness on at the truck and save one layer of outer jacket to put on at the stand once seated quietly so as not to over...
  15. BDB

    Broke in the new bow this AM

    He certainly won't win the P&P but it was a pretty intense stand off and apparently he made the first mistake. He will certainly eat well!! I have work to do so a little story later......
  16. BDB

    New Prime Rize update

    First off I wanted to say I do like the bow a lot. I am still getting used to it but there are some big changes for me. The biggest of which is that I have been shooting a bow (off and on) for 29 years and up until this bow I have MAYBE 200 shots fired from a bow that has a peep sight. The...
  17. BDB

    Bowmaster portable press

    I need to swap a peep on my new Prime Rize. Is one of those portable Bowmaster presses safe to use on this bow? I bought it 10 plus years ago an never used it once. Just curious. Don't want to damage the bow. I started to use it but it seemed the pressure on the press was building quick and...
  18. BDB

    Now I'm fired up!!

    So today seemed to be a good day to look at new bows.. I have been shooting my current Mathews Drenalin for about 10+ years. I loaded up my 8 year old daughter and drove up to Morse's in Hillsborough NH. Randy was excellent. I looked at a bunch of bows and drove home in the end the happy...
  19. BDB

    July 4th cam check

    Got a few decent ones on camera. Hard to tell if a couple of them are the same guy as the dates are up to a month a part. Here are two of the better quality ones. I hope they upload, if not I will move them to Youtube and re post later today.
  20. BDB

    Holy smoked venison!!

    Today seemed like a good day to fire up the smoker. I took out 2 chucks of meat. One was a good sized piece of top round (I think) from a skipper doe. She was hit on my street and I snatcher her up quick. Wife called me a redneck but good eats :). The other was an eye of round from last...