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  1. Tree Climah

    Passing it on...

    So I been in the process of grooming my son to hunt. He's already got his own Rossi 410/22 combo which he's been doing pretty good with. I got him his first compound bow this year for Christmas which he's going to be super excited about when he opens it. But the one thing missing is a good...
  2. Tree Climah

    a little heated... Revenge is needed!!

    So a couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to go buy myself a new truck. I found an 08' Ford F-150 FX4 that I fell in love with so I decided to pull the trigger and bought it. Now I've had the truck for 3 weeks and on my way to work last week I had a buck dash across the road in front...
  3. Tree Climah

    cape cod man shoots cat with bow What is wrong with people nowadays! Just more ammunition for the antis... I HOPE it wasn't anyone from here?
  4. Tree Climah

    coyote hunting NH

    Hey guys, I have been tossing around the idea of doing some coyote hunting during the off season. That being said, I'd like to hunt somewhere that I can use my rifles since they don't get a ton of use during the regular deer season. In unit M rifle is restricted, so I'm obviously going to have...
  5. Tree Climah

    Free deer cart

    I have a two wheeled folding deer cart that I have never used. If anyone would like it and can meet somewhere off of 93 between Manchester and exit 3 it's yours!
  6. Tree Climah

    you IDIOT!

    Check this out... stupid, stupid people.
  7. Tree Climah

    Fisher cat

    Does anyone know what is considered a large fisher cat? I shot this one yesterday. I typically wouldn't shoot one, but this guy just kept following me! I tried shooing him away many times but he kept coming back. He actually started giving me the creeps and before he decided to do something...
  8. Tree Climah

    #2 down!

    Got'r done again today! 2o minutes into the woods.. Missed the big buck, but I got his girl! A 134 lb doe
  9. Tree Climah

    Cool Encounter

    I went up to Belmont NH. last Saturday for an all day hunt with my friend and his grandfather. The morning was COLD and uneventful where we went first, so we decided to go to a different place that a friend of his grandfather owns 95 acres. When we got there the three of us split up, my friend...
  10. Tree Climah

    why are you a hunter?

    Although the answer is probably going to be different for many, I'm just throwing the question out there. For me personally, it's the experience as a whole. Going back to our roots, getting in touch with nature. The thrill of the hunt, the camaraderie and good times with good friends both new...
  11. Tree Climah

    Does it get ANY better!

    The snow gods may have blessed us guys! The forcast is calling for 1"-2" of snow by tomorrow morning! Does it seriously get ANY better? I'm stoked!
  12. Tree Climah

    too early for estrus?

    I know things are getting closer to the rut, bucks are rubbing, scraping and out of bachelor groups. But is it still too early for estrus scents? What, if anything are you guys doing/using? Just curious...
  13. Tree Climah

    cellular trail cams

    I'm starting to entertain the idea of spending the extra dough and buying a cellular trail cam, provided I can mount it somewhere tough to get at. However that being said, do any of you use them? If so do you have any recommendations or what to stay away from? Obviously being price conscious I'd...
  14. Tree Climah

    Any of you see this?

    I found this on FB... just imagine going out to pull your card and when you get home you see THIS!
  15. Tree Climah

    legend of a Tree Climah 2014

    Opening day! Well I couldn't get out in the am since right now I'm the stay at home parent and had to see one kid off to school and hang with my youngest for the day. Thankfully my wife offered to leave work early so I could get out for the evening. Unsure of which spot I wanted to hit first, I...
  16. Tree Climah

    main focus

    I'm just curious, in the early season where do you focus most of your attention? Do you hunt travel routes? Feeding area's or close to bedding area's?
  17. Tree Climah

    baiting for deer

    Hey guys, I don't know if I'm for or against the idea, however I heard today that NH. is going to allow deer baiting this year? Can anyone confirm or deny this for me? I'm curious. .. Tia, TC
  18. Tree Climah

    deer lift

    Ok so I came across this picture on FB and thought it was a pretty cool idea. So I made my own.. not too shabby.
  19. Tree Climah

    incredible!! anyone see this before???

    Makes you think huh?
  20. Tree Climah

    first 2014 BBD!!

    Who ever said kids are the only ones who can have fun in the snow!!!