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  1. benny8

    Christmas Knives 2019

    Finished up three more knives for early Christmas gifts. All my knives are made from 1095 High Carbon steel. I cut them out and grind the primary bevel then hand polish to 600 grit. Heat treat them and fit the handle scales. They then go off to my buddy who etches my makers mark into the blades...
  2. benny8

    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    Slept in on Sunday after getting done the work on Sarah's deer Saturday evening. Finished up the work on some knives and spent some time with the kid. Sarah and I and my brother headed out for an afternoon sit. Sarah had never been with me when I have taken a deer, so she wanted to know what it...
  3. benny8

    Sarah Christens the Shamp**EDITED**

    My wife, Sarah, hasn't taken a deer in 7 years. Every year she works just as hard as the next guy. We scout year round, she helps me move ladder stands, but it just doesn't come together for her. That was up until Saturday. We got up to the Shamp before daylight and turned up the heat in the...
  4. benny8

    First Archery Deer

    I have hunted with a bow for about 30 seasons. For one reason or another, I was never able to seal the deal. From hitting phantom twigs to just out right missing, and one time making a bad hit that resulted in a high back hit doe that made a full recovery. After a work related injury that made...
  5. benny8

    Thompson Center New Englander

    For Sale- .54 cal Thompson Center New Englander side lock, left handed muzzleloader. Comes with scope mount, quick loads, ball starter, powder measure, new Pyrodex powder, .54 cal maxi balls, ball lube, cleaning jag and nipple wrench. Everything to get started shooting. This gun is about 30...
  6. benny8

    The feeling is in the air!

    Spent the weekend at the Shamp and the air had that feeling of fall. It was awesome. Made sleeping very nice. Got up this morning to head to work at 2am and put myself on a chamois shirt. It definitely gets the blood flowing for the upcoming season! -Aaron
  7. benny8

    Wood duck boxes

    About three weeks ago, my brother and I did a Conservation project with his son and daughter and my daughter. We built 6 wood duck boxes. Well, this weekend our schedules aligned and we went out as a family to install them and check and refill shavings into one my daughter had built 10 years...
  8. benny8

    Bailey is Home

    Picked Bailey up in Northern Vermont on Friday morning. She made the 2 hour ride home with one stop for a pee break. When we got her home we introduced her to Buck, our daughters Black lab. He is taking a bit to get used to her. A typical new puppy weekend means I get next to no sleep. With the...
  9. benny8

    Snow Goose?

    Anyone hunt Spring Snow Goose? If so guided or self hunt? Aaron
  10. benny8

    Ready for a new Hunting Lab

    Good day gang. Since losing my little yellow lab Belle in September, there has been a very big void. After much discussion with my wife, we have decided it is time to get another lab for family pet/duck/shed hunting partner. Does anyone know of any littlers coming available sometime in March...
  11. benny8

    Possible hunting camp/cabin forum?

    Would like to make a suggestion for a Hunting Camp/Cabin section. I know when I posted mine up in the NH forum, it got a lot of views and response. I love to see other peoples camps and get ideas from others. That would be my suggestion. Anyone else?
  12. benny8

    Christmas Knives

    Made some knives for Christmas gifts this year. My dad who just started hunting again after a long absence, didn't have a knife. So I made him a hunting knife of my design. He is my hero and I call him the Man of Steel because of his strength and the hardware he has in his back. Hence the...
  13. benny8

    Youth Weekend

    Looking like the weather is going to be tough on the kids this year. In my area, snow to start the morning and then rain by 10am with 12-15 mph winds. Rain then right thru until Sunday afternoon. Then looks like a afternoon sit might be good on Sunday after the rain. I got a hub blind all set up...
  14. benny8

    First ever Youth Deer Camp at the Shamp

    This year we will be hosting my niece, Elizabeth and my brother at the Shamp for a first ever Deer Camp. She is the up and coming generation of hunters and I am very proud of my brother for passing on the tradition. We are both blessed that our wive's and children enjoy hunting. This will be a...
  15. benny8

    Lost my Baby

    After a period of failing health, I had to make one of the hardest choices of my life. I got her when she was 8 weeks. She was so tiny, but stole my heart when I first laid eyes on her. She weighed a little over 5 lbs. I trained her to be my family/duck dog. She was such a happy dog and eager to...
  16. benny8

    My Baby Belle is Gone

    After a period of failing health, I had to make one of the hardest choices of my life. I got her when she was 8 weeks. She was so tiny, but stole my heart when I first laid eyes on her. She weighed a little over 5 lbs. I trained her to be my family/duck dog. She was such a happy dog and eager to...
  17. benny8

    Leatherstocking Guide Service

    Hey gang, anyone have any experience with Leatherstocking Guide Service out of Milford, NY. I saw their booth at the Outdoor Show in Essex last year. My wife and I, instead of buying Christmas gifts for each other, go on a hunting trip a year. We have to stay in the Northeast for the first few...
  18. benny8

    Thanksgiving Eve Buck

    I took the week of Thanksgiving off from the way events have gone down in history in the deer woods I frequent. I missed a doe in October during bow season, and other than the deer in the yard and the one my Dad took on the firearm opener, I hadn't seen a deer since. The Monday before...
  19. benny8

    Dads Deer

    My dad came home from Florida to hunt with us during the NH rifle opener. He had hunted many years while I was a kid and never had taken a deer. He basically put his head down and ran thru the woods. He always said he would rather cut firewood than hunt. I never understood why he wasn't into...
  20. benny8

    Birthday Yote

    The wife and I were able to hunt together on my birthday for the first time ever. She used to work every other weekend, so muzzy opener found her working. When we hunt together, most of the time we sit together. We like to enjoy the experience together. When I am out with her or my daughter I...