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  1. LionOfJudah2517

    NH Spike Down

    Well guys I had a tough hunt in Maine this week and missed high on two deer. No contact what so ever. Rushed back to NH Saturday night and was able to put one down! First bow deer, and it was a spike!
  2. LionOfJudah2517

    First AR-15 and stuff

    Hey Guys, Just got my LTC unrestricted officially in MA, couldn't be anymore excited. Needless to say I wanted to get a new toy so I went out to purchase a STAG Arms AR-15 and I got delayed again. This is the second gun I have been delayed on, the first was my shotgun at the end of last...
  3. LionOfJudah2517

    Wife's first Striper of the season

    South Shore striper, her first of the season. Way to start the season.
  4. LionOfJudah2517

    HELP! What does this look like?

    Can someone confirm my suspicions here? Top right corner, what do you think it is?
  5. LionOfJudah2517

    Tiger Trout 2016

  6. LionOfJudah2517

    Around the Corner

    Well it's been a change of pace the last couple of months and have only been able to go out a couple times. I can't wait for the spring to get here, and right now I'm excited about Striper fishing, and my first season turkey hunting. However, I am completely ignorant to the way of the bird, and...
  7. LionOfJudah2517

    New Black Lab mix

    Hey Guys, Just figured I would share that my wife and I just adopted a rescue dog two weeks ago, his name is LeRoy, and he has been awesome!
  8. LionOfJudah2517

    Hot Doughnuts near Brockton MA?

    Can someone tell me if there is a place that makes doughnuts hot, fresh and ready to order? Something like a Krispy Kreme or something? I'm getting ready to hit the gym hard after this hunting season and hopefully shed about 40 lbs, but before that I am craving hot doughnuts lol.
  9. LionOfJudah2517

    My first deer!

    Hey everyone, So this morning, I went out to my favorite sport, after seeing an active scrape that the deer has been to a lot the past week while I was in Maine. I got out to my spot and set up around 6 AM, and hung a wild bills estrous rag up on a tree in 20 yards in front of me right...
  10. LionOfJudah2517

    Slug Barrel help

    Hey guys, looking to head out in the AM, just noticed that my magazine cap won't screw in all the way down, is this an issue? Check it out, mossberg 535 slug barrel 24 inch.
  11. LionOfJudah2517

    Will the Buck come back?

    I'm sure this has been on here before, but what do you think are the chances of this buck coming back. He was a 4 or 6 pointer that I rattled in at about 630 am. I was on the ground, he didn't see me or hear me or anything. I took a shot at him at about 20 yards in between 2 trees and I think...
  12. LionOfJudah2517

    Zones and Deer questions

    So I saw that today in Zone H was "Any Deer" and then the next couple of weeks are "Antlered Only" is that for firearm or could you hunt a doe in that time with a bow? Or is it still Antlered Only? Also do I have to use my firearm tag if I shoot with my bow?
  13. LionOfJudah2517

    Friday and Saturday sits.

    Hey guys, I took a personal day from work and am going into the woods for an all day sit and maybe some still hunting tomorrow and Saturday, I'm going to stick to one location and really try to pattern these deer. I have been spending about 20 hours a week in the woods and am blessed to get...
  14. LionOfJudah2517

    Good Morning! Hope you get one!

    On my way to my stand right now wishing you all a big deer today. Be safe!
  15. LionOfJudah2517

    Field And Stream Reports?

    Has anyone paid attention to the rut reports from Field and Stream? I figured I would at least see what they were offering for advice but i mean they just had a huge shift on their rut report. It went from pre-rut to winter pattern in some areas of Georgia... whaaaaaatttt????:confused::confused:
  16. LionOfJudah2517

    Brother in law dads buck

    My brother in laws dad shot this October 2nd. 8 point 215 lbs. I'm going up thanksgiving weekend to hunt with them hopefully will have good action then!
  17. LionOfJudah2517

    Deer Calling

    Just a thread to start about calling deer, I'm sure there is one out there but I couldn't find it. Ive been trying to do some light rattling with a flextone rattle bag and I haven't been able to call anything in yet. I use a flextone headhunter for bleats and grunts as well. I did get a doe to...
  18. LionOfJudah2517

    Mount for Shotgun scope?

    Hey Guys, So I just recently bought a Mossberg 12 Gauge with 3 different Barrels, the Slug Barrel didn't come with any sights or a scope so I bought a cheap one from amazon, a Bushnell Banner. Does anyone have any recommendations for a mount etc? Below is the link of the actual scope...
  19. LionOfJudah2517

    Advice on Buck Size. First one on camera!

    Really short clip that has the Buck in motion for about 2-3 seconds, anyone have any idea or estimate of size, points, etc.? First Buck on Camera!
  20. LionOfJudah2517

    Unauthorized Trail Cam checks...

    So I just got back from checking my trail cameras, and found a folder on the SD card that said NIKON.... and a couple of numbers. I never used a digital camera, I bring out my laptop and check them on the spot. I also noticed that my trail camera was clasped on both locations rather then just...

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