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  1. xp600

    Folks ready to help NH version

    Building off of 12ring's post in the Mass page... Back a few years some one on here started a thread of folks to help each other be blood trailing dragging or moving a gun safe. I would like to start that thread again..... I'm Nick, live in Bow NH 6othree-seven 3 eiGht twenty6fiftySeven. If...
  2. xp600

    Can land designated as Recreation, be posted?

    If a parcel of land is in Current Use, can it be posted? There's a 220 acre chunk of woods that I have hunted for years which is now posted. I looked it up on the town web site to see if I could find the owner to ask permission. Found out the Use description of the lot is "FOR WP REC". Not...
  3. xp600

    Typical opening day

    I think there's room for at least 1 more truck at this popular turkey hunting spot. LOL. I'll wait a few more days and go to a different area before I go turkey hunting. For those that do go out, stay safe out there.
  4. xp600

    Muck boots on sale 50% off

    Blue Seal Feed in Bow NH has their selection of Muck boots on clearance, 50% off. They had a pretty good selection when I picked mine up today.
  5. xp600

    Cabela's coupons up for grabs

    I received 2 Cabelas coupons yesterday. They each expire 9/27/17. The first is $20 off $100 purchase. The second is $20 off a $150 purchase. I will not be using them. If you can use them, pm me and I will send you the number and code.
  6. xp600

    2017 NH Spring Turkey - Opening day success

    Was only able to hunt from 10 to noon today but thats all it took. At 10:45 I got a response to my call. I found a spot to conceal myself along a skidder trail which came off the powerlines and kept quiet. At 11:44 he came around the corner and walked right up the skidder trail towards me...
  7. xp600

    We've been ahead of the gang all along

    I just didnt know they called it forest bathing or shinrin-yoku: ;) Over thousands of years of human history, we have effectively become an indoor...
  8. xp600

    Where to fish for squid near Old Orchard

    We are headed to PowderHorn camp ground in Old Orchard this weekend. My son was in BoothBay last weekend and was introduced to squid fishing and caught a couple. Now he has the bug. I plan on visiting Saco Tackle for squid fishing advice but looking for advice from anyone here. Planning on...
  9. xp600

    Truck is misfiring on cylinder 1 and 6

    I've been having an issue with my truck for 10k+ miles now. Its a 2002 chevy silverado 2500hd with 105k miles. I love everything about this truck, except for all of the corrosion, and well the mpgs but I can't complain, its a 6.0Litre motor. When I get over 55mph the check engine light...
  10. xp600

    2014 Opening day spike

    Dick Cummins, aka Dad, I could feel you smiling down on me today. This morning I had this spike cross in front of me and I seized the opportunity. Notice the hat. It was given to me by Dick and Randy when a group of us went down to PA a few years ago with Dick's guidance, it has BBC...
  11. xp600

    Camo clothing for kids

    I will be bringing an 11 yr old and 2 9 yr olds turkey hunting this spring. I need camo clothing for them. I will be hunting with 1 kid at a time. I'm trying to stay away from new items because of the price and by the time turkey season is over the kids will have already outgrown the...
  12. xp600

    Is this the remedy to having our stuff walk away? Misplaced your phone? Dropped your keys? Lost your dog? This crowdfunded project would let you locate basically anything with tiny GPS trackers that are accurate to within 5 feet. Retrievor is...
  13. xp600

    Missed a good one tonight

    I knew the deer were going to be moving this afternoon but I didn’t expect so many of them! Went to go check a cam I’ve had out since August and to check up on the acorn situation. Arrived at cam only to remember that my key is at home. Doh. So I went to find some acorns. Jumped a lone...
  14. xp600

    Mid to late season tactics

    I'm thinking the birds I have been around in the past few days have been seeing a lot of hunter pressure. Since Saturday when I get one to respond he may gobble once or twice and that is it. I've tried sitting still for 30 minutes with no additional calling, I've tried sitting still with...
  15. xp600

    Congrats to the guy in Epsom this morning.

    I was settled at 4:25 this morning. 10 minutes later birds gobbling off the roost 100 yards ahead of me. When they pitched down they flew to a nearby cornfield, about 100yards to my right. I knew they do this but I cant hunt the cornfield. In between me and the field is a 10 yr old clear...
  16. xp600

    No love but success anyway

    For 2 weeks prior to Saturday I was listening for roosted birds just about every morning. I had located 2 spots where birds were roosting on a regular basis so I formulated a plan based on that info. At 3:45 I woke my son and he jumped out of bed which was my first surprise LOL. We got...
  17. xp600

    Anyone going out for youth weekend?

    My son and I are going out this weekend to try our luck. It will be his first time. Anybody else going this weekend? Good luck, forecast looks great.
  18. xp600

    Choke / load for 20 gauge

    I just bought a mossberg super bantam 20 gauge from Cabela's. The buying experience was less than desirable, but I knew what to expect so I dealt with it. :rolleyes: The only reason I bought from there was because I had a few gift cards about to expire. I'll buy a accessories somewhere else...
  19. xp600

    Youth shotgun - turkey/deer

    My son is 10. We went to look at shotguns last week. I was thinking of either the 870 youth model or the mossberg 20 ga super bantam combo. A youth model 870 is a little heavy for him to hold aim, and in LOP, but I think some shooting sticks would help just fine and he'll grow into. A full...
  20. xp600

    NH firearms opener - 6 pointer

    I got lucky with this buck I got today, which I have named PB&J. I hunted a few hours in the morning then returned home to work for a few hours but by 11am I couldnt take it any more and had to get back out. Made my way down into some new territory that I had been wanting to explore, but the...

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