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  1. Dirigoboy

    Winter coyote hunting

    I live outside the Sanford area, and there are few large fields around. I'm new at it, having started last year. I bought some snow camo and a coyote caller. I'm using my Diamondback 5.56 as my "go to" rifle. I got in to it as I've had dogs popping out in to my field in the Summer, and when...
  2. Dirigoboy


    A guy walks on to a transit bus and sits down next to, what appears to be a homeless woman with her cart. She has no teeth, but....she's a happy individual. After a few moments, she offers the guy sitting down next to her some peanuts. He thought it was very kind of her, and taking a handful...
  3. Dirigoboy

    Moose hunt cost analysis

    I've always been one of those who thought he'd like to put in for my Maine moose tag. I've been a deer hunter all my life, and in the past couple of years, have tacked on turkey hunting. As anyone knows, whenever you're getting in to a new species, the costs associated with that can climb...
  4. Dirigoboy

    New to turkey hunting

    I'd never tried turkey hunting. My season up to that point had consisted of deer hunting. Period. I began to think about it more and more......I liked the idea of a Spring and Fall season, and so I thought, "why not?" I'd never gone out before-----not with anyone, though living in rural...
  5. Dirigoboy

    Enfield MK1

    Alright, things are looking up, Bruins just scored and it's 2-1. I've got time to post one more before I've cooled off enough to go back to the couch. In the meantime, here's my .303 1944 Enfield sniper with matching scope and box....which makes this a sought after collectors item. Alright...
  6. Dirigoboy

    My 1903

    Had to stop watching the Bruins for right now, so I thought I'd drift by and share some photos of my R.A. 1903A3 with a M84 scope, barrel date of 9/43. I have several of these. This thing is a tack driver.
  7. Dirigoboy

    Thompson Center Arms recall fyi

    Not sure if this has already been posted here. Just learned of this the other day myself. Thompson Center Arms in recalling Icon's manufactured before 2013. See the article below. IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICE - June 13, 2013 PRODUCT: ALL Thompson/Center Arms ICON®, VENTURE® and...
  8. Dirigoboy

    Muela hunting knives

    A season or two back, I bought one of these Muela knives and I love it. Beautiful knife with a red stag antler handle.....and you want to talk about sharp! Comes with a real heavy duty scabbard to boot. I bought one of the Tejon series of knives (#17) Total length 11 1/2" long with a 6 1/2"...
  9. Dirigoboy

    Powder & rounds prices

    Time to get out on my firing range to crank a few down range. Before I do that however, I need to go through the painful process of restocking powder and rounds. I have a Thompson Triumph, and I shoot Hornady 300 gr. FPB's, powered by Blackhorn 209. I knew this was coming....I needed to...
  10. Dirigoboy

    Turkey in the straw

    I'd bought myself a decent camera for my son's wedding this past December in Jamaica. I've been real pleased with the Nikon D3100. Its the nicest camera I've ever owned and it came with the tripod, a zoom lens and a standard 18-55mm lens as part of the package. I would like to add a better...
  11. Dirigoboy

    Good hunting

    Just about to step out the door and wanted to wish everyone a successful hunt. Good luck, and hoping we all fill tags. Stay safe.
  12. Dirigoboy

    Nikon Rangefinder

    My new Nikon Prostaff 550 rangefinder was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. This afternoon after supper, feeling relieved after a Red Sox win over the Evil Empire, and with plenty of warm, wonderful sun still out, I decided to go out and play a little. I have my own firing range which...
  13. Dirigoboy

    Celtics trading frenzy

    Holy smokes....say it ain't so! Pretty shocking trades!
  14. Dirigoboy

    Mounting the scope

    Has anyone every seen vids or resources for boresighting and mounting muzzleloader scopes? I've seen a cart load of utube vids by Larry Potterfield for conventional rifles, but nothing for the M/L's. I'd like to raise the question here for input. My Nikon Omega is on the way with my Talley...
  15. Dirigoboy

    CCI caps

    Nothing more than an info-mercial, but CCI's are back in stock at Cabelas. Looks like $37.99/per thousand plus S+H
  16. Dirigoboy

    Nikon Omega scope help

    Someone explain this to me. I want to mount the Nikon Omega 3x9 scope on my Triumph in the Realtree camo pattern. There appears to be two patterns. One to me, is a hideous green pine needle type pattern which I do not want, the other more closely mirrors the pattern of my rifle, which is...
  17. Dirigoboy

    Its a Done Deal

    After many months of saving, I placed my order for my T/C Triumph tonight....and I've gotta say, I'm not only excited, but I thought I'd never see the day--ha! It feels a little surreal. It should all arrive on Pearl Harbor Day. Along with that, I ordered: -209 Blackhorn powder (I'll...
  18. Dirigoboy

    The highs and lows

    I'm feeling pretty good about myself. For the first time EVER, my Christmas shopping duties are done! I'm stinkin' euphoric! Now....on the way to that unpleasant duty, I made it more palatable by stopping at Cabela's in Scarborough, where I was able to pick up a Triumph with some non-descript...
  19. Dirigoboy


    My new GPS came tonight, and this is a first for me. E-lectronic gadgetry is a challenge for me, but I've wanted one of these since I bought one for my son before he left for Iraq. I bought a Garmin etrex Legend from Cabela's and I've been sitting here familiarizing myself with it. Pretty...
  20. Dirigoboy

    Let the game(s) begin.

    Here in Maine, today is the first day of deer season, and I wanted to wish all Maine hunters good luck, good hunting and stay safe. I'm stuck here at work this morning, but you can bet I'll be out this afternoon. Take care gents and enjoy our wonderful heritage.

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