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    wifes moose from 2017

    this is a picture of my wife and i moose from 2017 in zone 1 she was permitee and i was sub permitee i did the shooting lol first day had a great time
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    reload sticking

    Having a time with reloads in 250 Savage i switched to 115 gr Partitions and have them loaded to max i can fire 2 or 3 rounds no problem with cases sticking but if i run a loaded case into the hot chamber and leave it there the bolt will come up but cant get bolt to come back without...
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    Grey Hawk

    got this TC Grey Hawk 50cal. muzzleloader today to replace my ole Hawken replica that blew the nipple and hammer off back in the summer. Nice little rifle ,clean ,shot very little, came with a scope mount think im gonna like it :smile:
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    another red

    got another red this mornin ,female
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    1st fox of the year

    got this red fox this mornin after catchin a bunch of possums and a few coon.Hopin to start rollin a few coyotes here soon
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    Veterans Day

    Like to say a great big"Thank You" to everyone on Huntin Chat that has served and is serving in our Country's Armed Forces.It is Greatly Appreciated
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    crossbow buck

    glad i found him the girls wanted tomake sure he didnt go anywhere
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    made a bad shot

    Need some advice ,made a bad shot on a buck this evenin,thought it was a perfect hit. At the shot he spun his back end to the side and took off with his tail clamped tight,he ran bout 50yds and stops,and then stands there for a couple minutes .I look back where he was standin when i shot to mark...
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    Bear hunting in NH

    Has New Hampshire's bear season started yet
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    tired of shootin

    went up to our upper field to shoot my muzzleloader after work this even and put four shots thru her and loaded the fifth one ,shot and oh boy i had ear phones on and my ears are still ringin! The shot blew the nipple out and the hammer is somewhere who knows,the load was 100grains Pyrodex with...
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    crossbow black bear

    Hey everyone ,jus got back from St Stephens,NB had a great time hntin with Tim Daley at Riverside Guide Service,nice cabin at St Andrews along lake , nice folks to chat with in the area Gary owner of cabins super nice guy. Timmy is excited about bear huntin and works hard to get ya a bear, so i...
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    I think they're ready

    got the covert mp6 out workin, turkey's are cooperating
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    couple bucks

    heres a couple bucks hangin around my moms before deer season last year. i think the big one was gotten the 2nd week 17 1/2 inch inside spread not really sure though.
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    got a pic of this guy comin to a dead deer .found deer dead so stuck up a Bushnell i had that i hadnt used much.
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    rain gear

    any recommendations for the best rainsuit? i have a froggtoggs suit for now but still get wet in steady rain,will be for bear huntin in Sept in Maine and New Brunswick the month of June.Thanks
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    cuddeback trail cams

    Stopped in at Dick's sporting goods today at lunch,they had Cuddeback Ambush IR trail cams for 129.99, kinda sparked my interest,anyone ever use any ?pros and cons.Thanks
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    Riverside guide service

    Anyone here on HC ever bear hunt with this outfitter,Tim Daley,is the guide ,was checkin out a possible spring bear hunt in New Brunswick with him. any recommendations or info would be appreciated . Thanks
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    Happy New Year

    Well another year has come and flew by,jus like to say congrats to everyone that connected during the huntin seasons ,i didnt get to congrat everyone as they posted ,hope everyone does good for 2014. But more important ,i wish everyone and their families at Huntingchat a Happy New Year and...
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    Bear hunting in Vermont

    Would like to bear hunt in Vermont ,but is it true there is no outfitting or guided hunts ? Thanks
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    primos ultra 46

    Does anyone running the Primos Ultra 46 have trouble with short battery life? Saw a couple reviews that said battery life was short.want to get one

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