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    Camera's ...... what's everyone using? Do you like them, hate them, regrets?

    ive been having good luck with the Primos Bullet proof trail cam , i like that it only uses 4 AA batteries and takes a good picture
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    Moose Lottery

    me either
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    2020 Moose Lottery Drawing Event

    nothing here
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    Group Picture

    wow awesome Thanks for sharing
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    Opening Day Turkey Down

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    Turkey Hunting in NorthWestern Maine

    id say if you are seeing hens there got to be gobblers hang in there an keep trying
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    Quick Survey: TC Strike or Encore Fixed 50 Cal Muzzleloader

    TC Encore Pro Hunter Fx
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    Shot Placement

    red off hand if braced maybe yellow
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    Ranger Pete finally said Good-bye

    so sorry for your loss we lost 2 of our German Shepherds in a month time they grow on ya something fierce
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    Moose Lottery

    wow that discouraging but that how it goes
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    Moose Lottery

    #17 longbow
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    Maine Moose Lottery

    i was told by a few guides that no matter how many chances you buy it still just the luck of the draw , but 3200 bucks should give you a good shot at it lol
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    Moose Lottery

    i have 8 points and made the alternate list last year but all tags were accepted fingers crossed as usual for this year
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    WMU K Buck

    nice one congrats
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Thoughts and prayers
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    New Scope

    have both 1x4 and 2x7 leupold prefer the 2x7 little more magnification when needed for long shot an checking for horns
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    Season update

    congrats nice bucks there fellas congrats
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    Blizzard Buck Down

    wow nice one congrats
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    Wool pant options

    i ve bought the Big Bill wool pants an reversible vest in Calais ,great wool clothing
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    congrats to you guys on a great season

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