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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Not true on the tech part. How it is used without governance is an issue. Increase in eyeballs is the financial focus of such systems, nothing more. They are products of a social system driven to algorithmically tell them what to do. Great series on Netflix regarding this but can also confirm as...
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Agreed. However, not how it works in the current world. The person that moved here from MA or NY may see no value in hunting and may actually be an anti. For those that are not anti’s, it does not take much to to set them off. Heck, do a search on YouTube as some of these Ne Aged hunters are...
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Hunting from my climber on public / state land and sitting waiting for the orange army to push on their very predictable routes. Had seen many deer but were moving too fast from this and could not stop them or were too far of a shot for me.
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Wow, good debate. Interesting points of view. As NH Hunter stated, you are entitled to your opinions. I agree that there were always people entering this past time with all the silly questions, assumptions, and making mistakes. Human nature and we have all been there. Heck, I started into this...
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    OK, final part of rant.. hopefully these covid driven hunters lack success and give up quick to move on. We can call these the COVIDIOTS? However, we still have the social engineering crowd and with a democrat as president, the desire for guns will be higher than ever. I really liked it...
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Funny you say that as sometimes, that is my strategy but in other areas further north. Honest mistakes will happen and hopefully they are educated enough to never take a shot they should not. However, how can I trust that? Just conversing with this level of person made me scared to think he...
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Why not call a CO? He was technically not doing anything wrong ("yet"). A CO would not be interested and the police would only as a trespasser. I have called. This is a gray area of intent. No more than someone standing at the edge of your driveway in the road with a gun. Is it legal? Yes...
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    New Hunters - Adversaries or Threats?

    Hunting and the outdoors is fun. Great way to spend time and deer hunting for the most part is a solitary effort so if you can cherish your time alone, you should have fun. But you are not alone. There is much to see and explore and I'm sure we all have some really cool stories to share. We...
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    Early season rants...

    I think it is just early and likely my bad luck. That said. I saw a record amount of new wannabe fisherman out in the water this year. I suspect there may be a lot of new hunters too so brace yourselves. ..and these are the Facebook group kind that start their intro with, I’m new, where should...
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    Early season rants...

    Ok, I know better but need to vent a little. Shared resources I know and most of the offenders are not doing it intentionally I hope but still.... Opening day, I could hear some kids out for a hike... likely smoking weed, off the trail and screaming pretty loud. Screaming at the top of their...
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    Hunting whitetail with 357 handgun?

    I know practice will dictate this as well as acceptable range and good shot placement. That said, for the times when I am archery hunting into rifle season still with all tags, having a 357 with me seems like a good idea? Main carry reason would be for caronavirus infected zombies but the other...
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    2017 Season Rant (don't read if you don't like rants.. ha ha)

    Have had an awful year. Not a lot of hunting because I'm redoing my kitchen but have gotten out a few times. Mostly short hunts which yield everything from no deer sightings to 1 full day with many miles on the boots with no activity. However, the other day I was just starting out at first...
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    Mossberg 500 Slug Gun Ammo?

    My brother has a 12 gauge mossberg 500 with a slug barrel and wants to sight it in. I'm going to take him to the range this weekend. Any recommended rounds on a budget for a good 50-75 yard shot? Please don't say accutips either. ha ha.
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    Ethics Test Today - New Scope Multiplication Problems...

    Ordered a new Leupold VX-2 scope this week and received 2 in the mail today. My first thought was... well I do have 2 eyes. :) One is going back but for a second thought that someone in their shipping department was trying to be nice to me. Anyways, skoal to all my HC friends. Season is...
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    EBH outfitters?

    Has anyone hunted with them? They are apparently up near the CA border in NY. Not sure what the trrrain or deer are like though. Feedback? I am looking for something out of state and will go as far as Ohio but would like someplace that has a higher chance of scoring a big deer than most of...
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    1-4 scopes on a muzzleloader?

    Considering getting one. Currently have a 2-7x32 leupold but might move that to my shotgun and put a 1-4 on my muzzy. Thoughts from those that use them?
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    Deer season is over for me

    Will say this, I saw more deer during my last 3 hour hunt today than I saw all season. I think the snow has sent them hunting for food and was clear where they were ripping up the leaves for acorns. Spot a, b, and c are all within a 200 yard area. Spot a or c would have been 5-10 yard shots at...
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    Deer decoys?

    What's everyone's thoughts on using the folding or other decoys? Reviews for the folding Montana decoys seems mixed.
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    Having a cold during the rut

    Took yesterday off to go out for an all day sit but battling a bad cold only did the afternoon. I found a newish scrape that is a solid 4 ft wide and had to spend some quality time near there. With this cold and cool windy weather, my cold seemed to get worst and should not have not gone out...
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    Remington Acutip Sabots On Sale

    I know these are hard to get most of the year so when I saw them on sale with free shipping, I bought a 1/2 dozen and wanted to share the info.

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