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  1. Full Rut

    Lamoille County buck

    Has anyone heard about a monster buck sighting in the middle of Lamoille County? A co-worker of mine (non-hunter) was headed toward Stowe the other night and saw a huge deer in a field about 200 yards out. He's not a hunter but a lifelong Vt'er and is quite positive it was a whitetail. I've...
  2. Full Rut

    Hello all

    Hi fellow hunters, I must say I am quite intimidated by all of you great hunters. I am a patient hunter who spends almost every daylight hour in the woods during the season and every chance I get before and after season. Rifle and muzzle are my choice however I do bow hunt, but mostly to relax...
  3. Full Rut

    Looking for a little help

    I've been hunting in Northern NH (Pittsburg) mostly. I have noticed that most of the paper mill owned land is beginning to get a little populated with hunters. Since I spend most of my vacation time during actual hunting season while weekends and holidays are spent doing the household "honey-do"...

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