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    6 days

    only 6 more days and the maine woods will be open for the hound hunters and a few serious bird hunters, all need to watch legislation as there are people who want to seriously curtail coyote hunting and bring wolves in. just what our wildlife needs,
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    zone 1

    friends left for camp this am for cow moose hunt next week, others came back with nice 880 lb bull last hunt. hope to get back one more trip before freeze up for couple more birds.
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    Sportsmans Alliance of Maine

    SAM is having a fund raising event now on their site and a yard type sale sat 9/26/20 at their headquarters in Augusta, was there today and saw a lot of good items and more coming in steady. if interested check out their site, best friend sportsmen and women have in MAINE in my opinion
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    road report

    anyone been up the 490 road towards baker lake recently? hope to get up that way soon to fish
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    coyote alert

    the wolfman in maine is at it still as he wants a lot of restrictions on coyote hunting in maine. I wonder if he has someones ear in Maine IFW with all the new people.
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    anyone been on golden road lately, curious about condition. headed for sourndahunk next week also road from kodajo to golden road.
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    got my first young coyote pix on cam this week. young deer around as well as turkeys and egg laying turtles
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    we should have a lot more game if some of the ideas that are being kicked around ever become law such as no dog hunting coyotes, season same as fox, no contests and probably no nite hunting. just some ideas being talked about. we all need to get on the ifw website and leave some polite comments...
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    maine if&w

    need more comments from outdoors people on the Maine ifw survey on wildlife management. most want no killing, trapping, and no sensible game management
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    colorado wheels with tires

    2 17 in wheels, 1 15 in wheel and 1 16in new spare from 2018 Colorado I just got. all have usable tires mounted.
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    read several notes about the number of birds killed each year by cats, domestic and feral. some figure around 3 Billion. maybe time to do something???
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    anyone have any comments on the partridge population? very early to tell but have talked to a few hunters and not a lot of birds seen yet.
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    anyone going to the Kennebec valley sportsmans show this weekend near bingham maine
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    bear was around my neighbors quail pen last eve, not sure if it was after quail or grain.
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    new legislation

    All aware of new gun bill hearing monday i believe april 22 2019.
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    have got coyotes coming to bait, should get better as deer parts from dead and wounded get cleaned up
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    good start

    good day sat, had a short run on a bobcat with a young hound and beagle chased a bunny. no shots fired but still great to hear hounds. need snow
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    black dog

    hope to get this one in the crosshairs
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    am pix 9.19, pix

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    32lb female coyote yesterday am

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