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    Northern Maine's Deer Herd

    maybe in time with the paper industry on the way out a few trees may get to live a little longer
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    My 2020 Predator season

    have killed two black ones a few years ago in Maine
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    Northern Maine's Deer Herd

    I love Maine and have been here for 78+ years and have hunted and fished most of those years. shot a Few deer, moose. hares, coons, coyotes, cats, fox and whatever legal. have hunted and fished with a lot of great people, several are not here any more. each year more and more land is posted for...
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    6 days

    got a nice large male last week will put pix soon
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    6 days

    only 6 more days and the maine woods will be open for the hound hunters and a few serious bird hunters, all need to watch legislation as there are people who want to seriously curtail coyote hunting and bring wolves in. just what our wildlife needs,
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    How do these guys do it?

    just returned from zone 1, went to close camp and get one more bird. had moose pix and lynx pix on cam. saw a couple Vermont deer hunters gassing up, said slow hunting . roads thawing and will change soon I think, but now have half in mud on truck pressure wash in am.
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    Thank You

    was this in Maine?
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    zone 1

    was in windham last week looking at firearms
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    zone 1

    friends left for camp this am for cow moose hunt next week, others came back with nice 880 lb bull last hunt. hope to get back one more trip before freeze up for couple more birds.
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    Quick trip up north (Again x2)

    went thru Jackman Monday am was sad to see breakfast spot we have eaten at 3 times this year closed up and not a lot of other choices. trip was good but not as many birds as trip before. saw only 3 deer no moose.
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    Cabelas, Ammo, Guns, etc

    back from zone 1 bird hunt, pretty good 3 days, saw 1 deer and nothing else but birds. got new gas lites at camp and new setup for gen. been up to nmw 4 different routes and all are rough. nmw roads not bad
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    Sportsmans Alliance of Maine

    SAM is having a fund raising event now on their site and a yard type sale sat 9/26/20 at their headquarters in Augusta, was there today and saw a lot of good items and more coming in steady. if interested check out their site, best friend sportsmen and women have in MAINE in my opinion
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    Quick trip up north (Again x2)

    someone who likes wolves and seems to have an in in augusta
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    Quick trip up north (Again x2)

    zone 1 sunday.
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    New Truck(Pics)

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    Quick trip up north (Again x2)

    need to send comments to Maine IFW against bills to put weight limits on coyotes before you kill one and other against coyote contests and all trying to protect coyotes. details on ifw site
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    Labor Day Trip To Maine Cabin

    made a 250 mile trip to camp to get stuff there for hunting season, kinda miss going thru Canada as 15 miles of dirt compared to 150 but only had a couple flats. saw a few birds and one little bear and one deer.
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    Supporting member purchase

    PATIENCE I am still waiting for $75 dollar rebate on rifle purchased last BLACK FRIDAY at Cabelas store in Maine
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    road report

    anyone know anything about murs radios, have one but does not work, been told need to program but not very technical, me not the radio
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    road report

    caught a few muskies there years back and wanted to try again but weather was not very cooperative

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