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  1. vito

    Opening day?

    Any body get out/on the board today? Gonna sit a couple hours tomorrow morning
  2. vito

    Keeping your feet warm?

    What's everyone method on keeping their feet warm in the stand? Certain brand sock? Two socks? Feet warmer?
  3. vito

  4. vito

    Missed, busted, wrong direction

    In the stand at 630 am. Just as it's getting good light, a doe and fawn come in. The doe gives me a chip shot and I choke putting it under her. A few steps and she stops behind some brush so I re nock. Now I'm watching the fawn as she's looking back. I see another brown body. Another doe...
  5. vito

    Back From Maine Moose Hunt

    Left for the Allagash last Saturday for a moose hunt. I was lucky enough to draw an antler less tag for zone one. Was an eight hour drive from home up there. Scouted around saturday and sunday with no moose sightings on saturday but ten total between the two trucks driving around on sunday...
  6. vito

    Where are all the moose pics?

    So where are they? Anyone?
  7. vito

    Lost my spot

    Been trying to get in touch with the land owner where I have been hunting the last three years for past couple weeks. He finally gets back to me today to say sorry but i sold the land earlier this year. Thanks for letting me know three weeks before season starts. Guess I should have tried to...
  8. vito

    Don't forget doe permits

    don't forget to get your doe permits in before deadline
  9. vito

    Maine moose permit

    Drew an antlerless tag for the Nov week in zone one, can't wait. Have to do some deer hunting as well!
  10. vito

    worcester outdoor show?

    did the worcester outdoor show move or get canceled?
  11. vito

    chased out

    Got a call this am from the owner of the land where I hunt that he hasnt seen any deer as of late and saw three coyotes the other day. Walked in the woods this am to my stand and only saw one set of tracks with a coyote track right in it. At 720 this am a big coyote is headed for my stand and...
  12. vito

    Stepped in it

    Park the truck, gear up, and start heading into the woods through the land owners backyard. It's dark and just before I break the wood line my foot slips a bit. I knew what it was right shit. Prob won't see anything with that sent on my shoe.
  13. vito

    Off to early start

    Up in upstate NY this weekend for early muzzleloader season. This six pointer came by at fifteen yards and let him have it.
  14. vito

    Any word on Sunday Hunting Update

    ?? Anybody here of any progress?
  15. vito

    Worcester Fishing & Hunting Show

    Worst I've seen in years, don't pay to go to this show.
  16. vito

    Doe down

    Took this doe this morning. Lung shot, didnt bleed much, maybe went sixty yards. 127 lbs
  17. vito

    Going for a walk this morning

    headed in for a walk this morning on a blood trail from yesterday. made a shot on a six pointer that hit him far back, watched him bed down about twenty yards from where he was hit. gave it two hours before i got down from the stand, he jumped, i followed blood for a good while. the trail got...
  18. vito

    best lure for deer?

    anybody recommend any type of lure that works best? I am limited to a small land parcel and need to get the deer moving by my stand
  19. vito

    New member

    went and checked my cam this morning, first one i ever put out, memory card taken. I am now a member of the camera crime club. Sucks, at least it wasnt stolen
  20. vito

    season cant start soon enough

    I'm new to the site and I thinks its the best one around. Bow season in MA cant get here soon enough, cant wait to have some pics to put up. Getting tired of hearing of everyone out hunting already but will be heading to NY next weekend. Shoot em up!

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