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  1. Terry


    Happy 2019 Everyone!
  2. Terry

    2018 Mass Meat Pole

  3. Terry

    2018 Mass Meat Pole

  4. Terry

    Buck Parade

    These pictures were taken on Saturday, October 6th, of this year and I was not in the stand my stand until about 1400.
  5. Terry

    It would seem

    It would seem to be that no one is hunting this year which means that all the deer in the Commonwealth I mind to hunt. Now I know that is going to spread me a little thin, and I know I cannot do it all by myself. Is anybody out there hunting with me this year?
  6. Terry

    Anyone get caught?

    Did anyone get caught yesterday afternoon and that wonderful little thunder lightning and heavy Rain and hail solid pass through? I did justice to deer were coming through the area. I decided being out of the stand was more important than two deer. I would rather have another day in the stand...
  7. Terry


    How's the hunting down in the south?
  8. Terry

    2 Days

    2 days in a row I've had 2 does in from of me but unable to take the shot. Ran out of legal shooting light the 1st day, and today just could not get the deer to take a good position to let my arrow go from my crossbow. nevertheless, 2 great days in the stand!
  9. Terry


    Very quiet here, like no one is hunting.
  10. Terry


    Are you hunting this year?
  11. Terry


    The Bride and I took and ATV ride from Deer Lake to Harrington today. On one great trail going along a portion of the blueberry barrens where I expected to find the trail paved with acorns as it has been in most of the past years, there were NONE! Even in the area arond the camp, the trees are...
  12. Terry

    The season

    Here at the camp in Downeast Maine the morning Temperature at morning wake up have been just above or below the freezing mark. Color is just starting to show but sporatic. Yet, I can tell fall is here.
  13. Terry


    Is anyone doing anything to change the FOC of their arrow? I have been looking into an insert for the process but have done nothing yet.
  14. Terry

    Crossbows ready

    Ghost 385 with a few flier arrows I removed from the group to be used for this years hunting. Penetrator with a few flier arrows I also removed from the groupto be used for this years hunting.
  15. Terry

    1Week or 7 Days

    A week from today we hunt. 7 days to go and I can hardly hold my water for it to start. Game camera's have captured pictures of several nice bucks. Does are in the many catagory. Treestands are ready. Crossbows are fully sighted in. All I need is the season to start.
  16. Terry

    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Went to the Natick Dick's Sporting Goods this morning to pick up some lure. They have removed all of the hunting stuff from the store!According to the gentleman I talked with, it is next tournament done by Dicks at 10 of the stores.If you're looking for hunting stuff at Dick's in Natick, don't...
  17. Terry


    Is anyone going to hunt come October 1st, besides me?
  18. Terry

    30 Days and counting.

    30 days and counting until the first arrow can fly. The archery season opens on October 1st a half hour before sunrise.
  19. Terry

    The feeling of Fall.

    It was great to wake up this morning with the temperature feeling more like fall. Wish it would stay like this. I hate heat.
  20. Terry

    Time To Start

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