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    What do you drink after hunting?

    Usually a couple beers. Maybe a whiskey if we're celebrating. In bed by 9:00pm. Last person up kills the generator.
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    5 round mags are available. Same size as the 10 round mag, but are blocked to hold 5. I bought 5 round FNAR mags and they work perfectly.
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    My 2019 Buck

    Very nice buck anywhere in the country
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I think Mowbizz has the MKII Lightweight Stalker with a fluted barrel, which makes it kind of rare. I have the same gun only non fluted. The original BAR's were seperated with a Type 1 & a Type 2. I think the cutoff is 1979 ?? Pre 79 is Type 1, post 79 up until the introduction of the MKII's is...
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    What scope is that? VX-R 1.25-4? How do you like it? That is a very nice setup
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    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    I think I would keep my new Browning MK3 BAR DBM Stalker. Great hunting rifle. Lightweight and fast handling. I put a Trijicon 1-4X24 Accupoint on it. Also has the ability to accept a 20 round magazine. Very similar to the FNAR. Plus it seems to have some potential in the luck department. I...
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    New Scope

    I've been looking for a VX-R. With the duplex illuminated reticle. I think those would make an excellent woods scope. Very light and good battery life. I currently have a Trijicon accupoint 1-4x24. Great scope but pricy. The VX-R can be had for about $460.
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    VX-R is a great choice. But, I really like my accupoint 1-4x24. It has duplex reticle with a green dot. This thing is clear and that green dot just jumps out at you. I put it on a brand new BAR mk3 in .308. I carried it this year and shot an 8 pt. 202 lb buck. I think the Leupold can be had for...
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Prayers sent. We'll be thinking of you and your family.
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    200#, 200 Point Maine Buck

    I believe a fair number of the feeders around the Rangeley area do it for the sheds.
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    Overall season report

    Was the guy from NJ hunting after the season or was muzzleloader season still open? Do they feed the deer during open season? I was a little confused by that part.
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    2019 Observations

    I noticed that the rut was early this year. I noticed that the hills were steeper than last year. I noticed the air was also thinner.
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    Beagle Extreme Camo Jacket

    As new Beagle coat. I've worn it maybe 5 times, never in the woods. Love the coat, just not the right size. I really need a Large Tall. I'm 6'4" and 220 lbs. The sleeves are a hair too short and it bugs me. I can assure you there are no rips or tears and it looks new. I would sell for $400, and...
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    2018 Maine Meat Pole

    180 lb. 9pt Nov. 20th
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    Private Messages

    How do I turn these on? Go easy, I'm fragile when it comes to technology.
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    MASTC Banquet.

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    MASTC Banquet.

    Has anybody here attended past banquets?
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    Now what?

    One more