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  1. VTHunter08

    How'd Everyone Do This Weekend?

    Unsuccessful for me in the punching a tag this weekend, but had a good weekend seeing deer. Saw 16 on Saturday, and 4 Sunday, just couldn't grow a single legal antler on any of them. Just from keeping an eye on facebook I think I may be one of only a handful in Franklin county that hasn't...
  2. VTHunter08

    Happy Rifle Season Eve

    Good luck to all you patient Vermont rifle hunters! I know the last week or so has been tough sitting on the sidelines. Hope everyone stays safe, and many memories made!!
  3. VTHunter08

    Pretty neat video for you trackers

  4. VTHunter08


    In terms of opportunities I had a great season. I'm not one of those guys that hunts on the side of a 100 acre field and talks about seeing 10-15 deer a night. To be honest I can't remember the last time I've hunted within sight of a field. I'm usually up on a hillside oak stand, ridge...
  5. VTHunter08

    Boy They're Tough!

    So I've had very very limited time to get in the woods this year with coaching soccer, and family obligations. I had been eyeing this last weekend for a couple weeks now knowing absolutely nothing was planned! I have a few cameras out, all of them in oaks. Two cameras have been on an oak...
  6. VTHunter08

    Here we go Again

    Time for the yearly hunting trip. Dad and I decided to team up this year and check one off of his bucket list, and play in the Rockies looking for elk. We been working our tails off for the last 10-12mo getting in the best shape we can, building arrows, shooting, acquiring gear, and scouting...
  7. VTHunter08

    Heading West

    Well it'd be a long story if I told everything, but after researching many states, applying for a NR Montana Elk tag with dad, returning a montana elk tag, and purchasing two OTC tags in Idaho, finally plans are finally starting to come together. Just bought a round trip plane ticket to Idaho...
  8. VTHunter08

    Killington TAC

    Well wife and I had a good time at the Total Archery Challenge in Killington this year. They seemed to have a good turn out too and sounds like they'll be coming back next year! It was good to bump into Fixed Blade on the practice range! Hope you shot well! Wife and I picked up an airbnb...
  9. VTHunter08

    Total Archery Challenge in Vermont

    So I'm not on facebook but my buddy told me the Total Archery Challenge is asking people their interest level in a weekend course at Killington. They'd be looking at the weekend of May 24-26. If anyone of you have shot one of these courses you know they are top notch! and me personally the...
  10. VTHunter08

    Caught One!

    Sorry Catchin Deers reference, if you haven't seen it youtube it pretty funny. AnyWho Got lucky on a quick opportunity last night. Heading home from my daughters soccer game and I saw a doe just inside the woods across the road from the house. Grabbed my bow, jacket, and range finder and...
  11. VTHunter08

    Good Pull

    Had a good pull yesterday. Cam was out for about 3 weeks, and a little over 1700 pics. Lost track how many bucks, and hard to tell what bucks are different or the same. But my guess is 4-5 different 8's, a 7, couple 6's, couple 4's, and two spikes. The small 8, and 6 fought in front of the...
  12. VTHunter08

    Interesting Lake Ontario Day

    So it was an ummm interesting trip on lake Ontario this weekend. My wife's cousins boat was in the shop so we headed out with one of his buddies. We met at the dock at 7am (earliest we could get the girls to agree to get there by) and we were heading out of the harbor 15min later. My wife's...
  13. VTHunter08

    Soft Horn

    Saw my first couple bucks this weekend. Had a bach group of 4 try to cross the road in front of me Saturday morning. Came around a corner and the first one was in the middle of the road. He let me come to a stop before he continued across. He had velvet to the top of his ears already! I...
  14. VTHunter08

    Went out with a bang

    Ok that title might be a little misleading but it got you here and reading so here we go. I killed a bird first week of the season, and with very little time to hunt with two kids, coaching softball, and the on going house projects I was fine with that one bird being my one and only bird. Some...
  15. VTHunter08

    Fun Morning

    Our 2yo had his yearly check-up this morning at 8:30 so I figured I could sneak out for a few hours prior. I've done zero scouting, a little driving, but that's about it. So I figured I'd go to a place I've had luck in the past and take a nap at the bottom of a tree somewhere. I headed to a...
  16. VTHunter08

    Down the Rabbit Hole We go
  17. VTHunter08

    Total Archery Challenge

    Anyone done this shoot before in PA? A buddy and myself signed up this weekend. Going to do a 2 day shoot. Going to shoot the Prime course on Friday, and the Sitka course on Saturday.
  18. VTHunter08

    New Arrow Set-up

    So my hunting buddy and I are looking at new arrow set-ups. We both currently shoot rage, but after seeing what happened to me in ohio with hitting what I think was the brisket bone we're contemplating going to a fixed blade, more specifically probably slick tricks. I'm leaning toward the...
  19. VTHunter08

    Irish Setter Hiker/Hunters

    So about a year ago I was kicking the tires on changing up boots for bow hunting in ohio. I primarily use rubber boots here in Vermont, but in ohio its warmer, not a ton of water, and rugged terrain. Would make for damp sore feet on most days. So I was kicking the tires on a pair of...
  20. VTHunter08

    Her Streak of Luck Continues

    So opening weekend of muzzleloader. My wife and I both have B doe tags. I'll breeze through Saturday quick. I hunted behind the house in the morning till 10. Then headed home to attend my grandmothers funeral at 1, and then my office work party at 5. I passed up a little one on my walk out...