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    Good luck 2019

    Wishing all the best of luck for the 2019 rifle season, hunt safe, make some great memories.
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    Looking to book cabin

    Hi guys, looking to book cabin either near moose river, moorehead lake area or up by patten. Anyone have any contacts? Only 2 of us on this trip
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    Getting back to Maine deer hunting

    Hi guys, great Web site. Been going to maine on/off deer hunting since 1986, with some success. Haven't been up since the mid 2004 ish time frame, time flew by. Family and work obligations come first. This year my nephew got a IT specialist job at Acadia state park, he wants to go hunt the big...
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    Winter snowfall

    How the winter snowfall this year so far? Deer are surviving ok?
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    30 06 or 308

    Just curious what caliber guys would get in the 760. Looking at 2 760s as we speak, one is 06, the other is 308. Not carbine, full length
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    Looking for some guys that use to go oxbow lodge

    Spent some time at oxbow lodge mid 2000 time frame when tome and Tracey where the owners. Meet some good guys from vermont,new Hampshire and of course nj. Anyone one this site ever go there in that time frame? Gene NJ