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    Howdy all

    I've been staying down east, kind of doing what my name implies and just walking. Just trying to get familiar with the native browse, see what patterns I can find. Will be headed to the North Maine Woods section thanksgiving week. It sounds dumb, but im holding out on shooting a deer until then...
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    shooting range - anywhere in the woods?

    Posted a few weeks ago stating I was new to Maine from NJ, the only public state run gun ranges are over 2 hours away. I am in the Ellsworth area. Am I allowed to go into legal hunting woods and shoot paper targets? Or can anyone recommend a shooting range withing an hour of Ellsworth?
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    Howdy all

    NJ to ME transplant, looking forward to my first season in the north woods. My only issue I have to so far is I cant decide between a 30-30 lever action or 30-06 bolt. A problem I have no problem dealing with. In the Central coast region, began my scouting 2 weeks ago, cant wait to see what...