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  1. silver belly62

    Henry 45-70

    Found this one down here and the guy was selling it with a Skinner peep sight already mounted and a few boxes of ammo. Never had a rifle with a skinner sight before and I really like how it is quick to the shoulder and same for the sight picture. Might consider putting the bigger loop on the...
  2. silver belly62

    Rabbit Hunt

    Recently finished up a three day hunt I thought I would share with everyone. Last Sunday myself and some friends left for NC to do a three day rabbit hunt that had been planned for some time. A few of the guy's had not hunted over hounds for a long time and for one younger hunter it was his...
  3. silver belly62

    Winchester Model 88

    My friend is looking at one of these that are for sale in my area in 308. Does anyone have any experience with this model or info on anything he might want to look out for etc, or are they usually a good rifle overall ? I've heard of them before but have never owned one
  4. silver belly62

    After Christmas Shopping

  5. silver belly62

    760 Forearm Repair

    Anyone ever do any repair work on their own stocks or forearm before ? Picked up a couple this week to add to the collection lol and one of them the previous owner for some unknown reason thought it was easier to drill a hole in the middle of the forearm underneath for the sling swivel...
  6. silver belly62

    Federal TBBC 35 Whelen Ammo

    Well I received a notification from Midway regarding the Federal TBBC 35 Whelen ammo in 225 gr and said it's being discontinued. Federal still has it listed on their website but not sure if that's a change coming for 2019 or if Midway is just not going to carry it anymore. Thought I'd pass that...
  7. silver belly62

    How Things Have Changed (Ammo)

    A while back I had a ammo can that I thought I had misplaced that had some of the original Barnes X bullet loads which at that time were being loaded and sold through PMC. My mother asked me recently to go through some stuff of my fathers that I had never finished up with when he passed years...
  8. silver belly62

    Bear Season (Maine)

    Good luck to all of those on here heading out for the start of the upcoming bear season. Hope to get up there next year for a possible hunt or one in NB
  9. silver belly62


    I know it's still summer and all of us shop differently (online, local, etc) but some of the ammo manufacturers have some decent rebates on ammo. Some vary $5-$10, I normally shoot regular soft point ammo and if you can time it right free shipping too. Can never have enough ammo and thought I...
  10. silver belly62

    Hare hunts

    Anyone on here know anyone they would recommend, or have used in the past, that does hare hunts with hounds in Maine ? Possibly considering doing a late season hunt this year. Any info would be appreciated, thanks
  11. silver belly62

    Leupold M8

  12. silver belly62

    New Toy

    Picked up a new toy recently I thought I'd share. Had been wanting a nice BLR for a while but have never really came across any used ones that I liked until recently. When I was younger I use to shoot the one my father had in 308 Win until he decided to sell it one year and ever since I wanted...
  13. silver belly62

    Pack Boots

    Looking to get a new pair of pack boots for the upcoming season as my current pair has seen better days. Anyone on here ever use any from Hoffman, Schnee's, or Kenetrek ?
  14. silver belly62

    Glenfield 30A Lever Action 30/30

    Anyone on here happen to currently use or have any experience with this model lever action ? A local shop recently had one on the shelf when I was getting a price on another lever action. Stock was in decent shape and clean bore.
  15. silver belly62

    LL Bean

    Just seen where LL Bean will no longer have lifetime warranty on products
  16. silver belly62

    Bosebuck Mtn Cabins

    Bosebuck Mtn Camps Cabins Anyone on here ever use any of there cabins before ? Just looking for some honest feed back or general info etc, or send me a pm if you wish thanks.
  17. silver belly62

    Redfield Revolution Scopes

    No longer for sale
  18. silver belly62

    760 Rifle Repair - Little Help Needed

    I have a 760 carbine that the forearm is coming disengaged at times and sliding back. Some times after you slide it closed for lock up you can also twist the forearm a little bit and it will open up. Anyone ever have this happen before or know how to fix it if they have done there own repairs...
  19. silver belly62

    Burris 3x9

    No longer for sale
  20. silver belly62

    760 Gunsmithing Question

    Recently picked up a 760 and the latch inside on the left side that holds the left slide bar shut of the pump action is worn some off the corner which allows it to slide back at certain times without pressing the regular release button. The guy was up front about it and everything else was is in...