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  1. silver belly62

    What do you drink after hunting?

    Usually Capt Morgan white rum, and in the event of one just put up on the game pole usually some Crown Royal for a toast to the hunt
  2. silver belly62

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone else on the site
  3. silver belly62

    What would you do different?

    Had a great time this year, and the two others that were were new in camp seemed to have a great time too. I usually go up for two weeks every year but I'm seriously thinking about doing three weeks next year. Would do more scouting as I hunted, which I did this year, cause it helped out a lot...
  4. silver belly62

    Blizzard Buck Down

    Great buck, congrats !
  5. silver belly62

    GW's 2019 Season

    Great report, thanks for posting
  6. silver belly62

    NJ Opening Day Gun

    Nice, good luck !
  7. silver belly62

    NB Bucks

    Nice bucks, congrats
  8. silver belly62

    Christmas Knives 2019

    Nice work, like that bottom one
  9. silver belly62

    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    Nice buck, congrats !
  10. silver belly62

    Sons Thanksgiving day buck...

    Awesome buck, congrats !
  11. silver belly62

    NJ Youth Day Buck

    Nice job, congrats !
  12. silver belly62

    Longbows Maine Adventure.

    Glad your son was able to go up with you this year, hope he enjoyed it. And congrats on your friends buck ! That wasn't posted when I initially replied. Great buck !
  13. silver belly62

    mbVT Maine Tracking 2019

    Great hunt, congrats !
  14. silver belly62

    2019 Maine Trip

    Awesome buck, congrats ! Thanks for posting the hunt
  15. silver belly62

    Russell Brothers Book

    Read it while I was up there for two weeks, great job !
  16. silver belly62

    Shooter Buck's 2019 Week 3 Recap

    Congrats to a great year at your camp ! Thanks for posting
  17. silver belly62

    Maine Bound

    Good luck, have a great hunt
  18. silver belly62

    Shooter Buck and Pine-Lock's 2019 week one

    Congrats ! Great report
  19. silver belly62

    238# Maine Buck

    Awesome buck ! Congrats to him and hope he gets another one next year
  20. silver belly62

    2019 Maine Buck