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  1. outdoorsman

    Nosler .458 Blems On Sale

    Nosler blemished muzzleloader bullets are on sale for $19.45 at Noslers Pro Shop. These bullets are the bullets marketed in the Jim Shockey line. The sale bags are 50 count of 300 grain ballistic tip in .458 caliber. I bought a few given the price and price of crushed rib sabots. It’s going...
  2. outdoorsman

    2019 Trap Line and Outdoor Pursuits

    The time has come for a new thread. I’m slightly behind this year in that I haven’t dipped any traps though found their condition from last year will work. In an odd set of circumstances I placed a MB 750 last night with a slide cable submersion set baited with aspen topped with Fox Hollow...
  3. outdoorsman

    2018 Trap Line

    Though we are in 2017 I figured it would be best to call this thread 2018. I also figured a trapping log doesn't fit under Hunting Logs, so here it is. Preparations have begun for 2018, most notably repurposing my beast of a plow is making excellent progress. The to be color changed a few times...
  4. outdoorsman

    "Please don't call it the Coywolf"

    While we're all minding our business hunting, fishing, trapping, and spending quality time with our families there is a number of people putting on talks at garden clubs, libraries, and conservation groups. In these presentations people are mislead to believe a new species has arrived in New...
  5. outdoorsman

    Departing USFWS Director Dan Ashe takes departing shot at lead ammunition (2017)

    The order is best viewed by selecting the link below. Lead ammunition is to become a thing of the past should the agency continue forward with the order.
  6. outdoorsman

    2017 NH Statehouse Hearings on NH F&G Commision

    Anyone from HC writing letters or showing up? Edit: F&G is a public agency regardless who supply's the majority of funding and the legislature can do anything they want with the Commissions structure. It would be wise to have your voice heard at the Stathouse.
  7. outdoorsman

    Once in a Lifetime 7600

    Anyone on Facebook who wants a all around unique 7600 act fast. NH Hunter, I think you bought too soon.
  8. outdoorsman

    2017 Trap Line

    Images from the line. Hopefully more to come.
  9. outdoorsman

    NH Pheasant Hunters - Year 2016

    Activist are attacking pheasant hunting, and based on their FB post, it's clear they Right To Know Requested the state agency. Heads up - they've been after pheasant hunting for years and now using social media as part time of their war on hunting. Get involved with legislators simply by...
  10. outdoorsman

    How many New Hampshire HCers are going to show up?

    This hearing is likely glossed over by 99% of hunters though it shouldn't be. It's time to support the agency with public input and honor the hard work Biologist along with Conseration Officers have done. Many sportsman have donated to non-game, I know I have, and we have a say! Removing...
  11. outdoorsman

    WTB: Sporterized 1917 Enfield.

    Looking for a 1917 with worn bluing. The rougher the better as I want something that has character and tells a visual story. Bore quality does not matter as that can be fixed. Not looking to pay Gunbroker prices but will pay a fair value.
  12. outdoorsman

    Nature Conservancy Pop up Add on Hunting Chat.

    I am surprised to see a Nature Conservancy Add pop up on HC considering Nature Conservancy uses any biological argument they can dream up against hunting.
  13. outdoorsman

    Now that hunting has ceased

    Trued a warped rotor from my car, reinstalled, then drove ten miles. By the time I returned home the rotor had re-warped. I got what I paid for from rock auto, should have bought the acdelco rotors.
  14. outdoorsman

    Welcome to NH Ojibwa

    The deer numbers are down some this year but they are not drastically down. Realistically they are slightly below average (of the current decade). Don't hope to hard for a "comeback" because that comeback is never coming. Do your best to keep it together this winter. Us New Englanders have...
  15. outdoorsman

    Vermont guide claims arrow went under moose....

    Recorded video says otherwise. Scroll the video below to the 12:00 minute mark then watch the arrow and the gut area of the moose as it runs. When they play the video in slow motion you can hear the arrow hit. Turn the volume up to listen to the guide and hunter. The field guide clearly...
  16. outdoorsman

    Future 9 pointer.

    It comes with a heavy heart to say I there is no chance I will be a contender in the points & pounds club this year. My hunting locations do not have the majestic buck beating the bushes and I simply did not have time to scout other locations. With limited daylight personal deer sightings...
  17. outdoorsman

    Killed a future 8 pointer and future 10 pointer.

    The Thursday before opening day I had a chance to sight my muzzleloaders in and was unhappy with the groupings of 6 or so inches. After several trial and errors I found I could get two inch groups from a kneeling position at 50 yards with my White Mountain Carbine. The winning combination was 80...
  18. outdoorsman

    Hornady 45-70 brass

    Anyone have any use for Hornady 45-70 brass? I have not counted but suspect there are 40 pieces. Note: Hornady 45-70 brass is shorter than other manufactures. This brass measures 2.030". Normal brass measures 2.100" I'll pay shipping.
  19. outdoorsman

    30-30 brass to be given away

    I have not counted the number of brass thought I suspect there are over 50 pieces. Does any one have any use for this brass? I'll box and ship it to you at no charge. I owe HC members as a whole as HC has been good to me.
  20. outdoorsman

    Kentucky Commission Bull Elk Tag (Guided Hunt)

    The Kentucky Conservation Coalition (Associate of Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife) has a program where a person can purchase lottery tickets for a guided bull elk hunt. Below is the 2014 poster which is identical to 2015 (simply altered dates)...