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  1. ph11

    Rabbit Recipe?

    Anyone have any rabbit recipes? Whole rabbit, stews, or any other version are all welcome. Have some Snowshoe hare in the freezer still from March, looking for a new recipe to try.
  2. ph11

    Roasted Rainbow Trout

    Been taking advantage of some Mass stocked ponds. Took my limit of 3 rainbow trout 2 days in a row. Roasted a couple whole, stuffed with lemon, garlic, sweet onion, and herbs.
  3. ph11

    Remington? Model 783

    Very interested in this rifle. Its a bargain rifle, so the stock scope and not the prettiest design will be fine for me. Seems like it might be a Cabelas/Gander Mtn. Exclusive, if anyone sees them at a local gun shop or anywhere else I'd like to compare prices. Anyone own or shoot one of these...
  4. ph11

    Looking for a Garmin Rino 655

    If anyone has one they are looking to part with let me know. Or if anyone sees any good deals online. Thanks
  5. ph11

    Next Season

    Its looking like I am going to be moving back to Eastern Mass after my last semester here in Springfield. Just really started to piece the puzzle together of the public land that Ive been hunting on the past couple years out here. The total area is a few thousand acres, which I like because...
  6. ph11

    What is your favorite method for the rut?

    I know it varies for archery and gun season for most, but what is your favorite method/set up for the rut? I'm talking hunting ridges, over scrapes/rubs, runs coming out of swamps,etc. What have you had the most success doing? I think it would be interesting to see the different ways everyone...
  7. ph11

    Doe and Fawn under me

    Had a doe and fawn come in and hang out directly under me for about 5 min then they circled around for another 15 min or so. Mother wasnt eating just licking knee height branches. Cool to see them that close. Heres a video I took.
  8. ph11

    Need some Topo help

    I searched and read a few previous threads and watched some videos on the basics, but I am still not great at reading topo maps. I have a general idea of what to look for, and I have found some sign based off of them. There is an area of the property I am hunting that I just figured out deer are...
  9. ph11

    Same Buck?

  10. ph11

    First cam check

    Put the cam out on some public land on Monday. Went to hang my stand nearby today so I swapped out memory cards, glad I put my stand where I did. Clumsy Fawn
  11. ph11

    Drury Outdoor's Thirteen

    A friend recommended Drury Outdoors and Under Armor's partnership series called Thirteen. I can't find out how to watch it, just curious if anyone knows how to. It says it isn't currently airing on the outdoor channel. Also, if you have seen it what is your opinion of it? Here is the link to the...
  12. ph11


    For those of you who use decoys; what brands, set ups, and techniques do you use? Last year I had luck with a strutting tom standing over a laying hen ready to be bred (carry lite I believe), with an inflatable feeding hen to the side on a moving stake. Shot a jake and had 2 toms standing about...
  13. ph11

    Mass Muzzleloading law

    I am trying to find out for a friend what is the "correct" law regarding purchasing and hunting with a muzzleloader in Mass. I have a FID and bought mine in NH and the place still required me to show it and fill out the same forms as when I bought my shotgun there, but they told me that it was...
  14. ph11

    Smoothbore set up

    Any one else use their smooth bore for shotgun season? I'm using my 870 with an improved choke and as of now federal vital shok truball slugs. They are very accurate at 50 yards for me. Also, got my Remington scope mount and a Millet red dot sight on it. What is your set up?
  15. ph11

    First Snow day

    Drove an hour to my buddies house in zone 9, and was in the stand by 8. Didnt really like the spot I put the stand, and wanted to check out the area so got down around 10. Found a decent spot along a stream that looked like a funnel so i set up the new blind there. It was still raining at this...
  16. ph11

    Killer turkeys lol
  17. ph11

    Upton State Forest

    Got a friend who lives pretty close to Upton State Forest who said i can hunt his property that i believe connects to the forest. Anyone hunt the area before or know anything about it. Just curious if it holds deer and how the hunting pressure is. Also interested in finding another spot close to...
  18. ph11

    Scott Archery Caliper Release

    Bought a Scott archery caliper release over the summer and only used it a few times before switching to a short and sweet. Brand new, let me know if you are interested and/or want pics. Thanks.
  19. ph11

    Afternoon Hunts

    So I just went through my schedule and realized I am basically only going to have time to hunt weekday afternoons. From about 1 to legal light I can get to my spots and actually hunt. What should I focus on most, not being able to hunt mornings or full days?
  20. ph11

    Scent Control

    Waited to the last minute to wash all my gear, and was wondering what every one else uses for scent control products. I am using Sport Wash by ATSKO for a detergent, and bought the Dead Down Wind combo pack mostly for the deodorant and soap. When my stuff is dry im gonna put it in a plastic bin...