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  1. tobydog

    This should shed some light on anti trapping bills......

    heard about this on the radio this morning. good for him. most people would not have acted so quickly to solve the problem. And yes hopefully it sheds some light.
  2. tobydog

    CVA Wolf Muzzle Loader

  3. tobydog

    CVA Wolf Muzzle Loader

    when is someone going to get rid of the johnrr65 account?
  4. tobydog

    Timberframe House Build

    absolutely amazing. great work.
  5. tobydog

    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Stay strong. Praying for your family.
  6. tobydog

    Blizzard Buck Down

    Nice job, congrats!
  7. tobydog

    AMAZING!!! WingHome Night Vision Deer Photos

    looks like shit to me much like the rest of your posts
  8. tobydog

    Blackbelt Hunting

    seems to be lots of them lately
  9. tobydog

    OK.... Rant time

    awesome. congrats. looking forward to the pics.
  10. tobydog

    Both buck tags filled in a tripple up

    wow! Yes, truck pic is great:)
  11. tobydog

    OK.... Rant time

    Yes:) I was thinking it would be worse also:) Good luck w/ your goals.
  12. tobydog

    A little video from Saturday afternoon

    that's a cool video congrats
  13. tobydog

    Cool Experience

    That is one heck of a story. Simply awesome.
  14. tobydog

    Posting test

  15. tobydog

    mbVT 2019 NH Buck

    nice write up...and deer:) congrats
  16. tobydog

    2019 Mass Archery trip

    Congrats! Nice your Dad still gets out.
  17. tobydog

    When is Everyone Hunting

    Too funny. Great place to be any time of the year. I missed my annual trip with my Dad last June for trout. Cant wait to get back up there.
  18. tobydog

    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    Awesome. Congrats.
  19. tobydog

    Forum Software Upgrade

    figured out I can click the date and it takes me to last post.
  20. tobydog

    Forum Software Upgrade

    I could be missing something but in the old software there was a link for each post called "last", when clicked it would take you to the last post of a the thread. I don't see that here. Any help would be appreciated. Other than that, like Gold Rush says looks and works good.