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  1. 802-603hunter

    Timberframe House Build

    Based on the interest in another thread I put together these photos and descriptions of our house building project. Little back story, I am from northern VT and my wife is from central VT. We had always planned to build on her family land and as circumstances would have it this last year was...
  2. 802-603hunter

    He's Heading Down the Right Path.....

    ....or maybe better said, the right track. This is what my 5 year old carried off the school bus today, announcing "I read four chapters on the bus!". I am pleasantly surprised to say he found it at the school library. Proud dad moment.
  3. 802-603hunter

    Spring Scouting: Good Time, Bad Times

    My son and I headed to camp a day ahead of the rest of the family. I had some game cameras still out from last year that I wanted to gather up. Friday afternoon we geared up with bug nets and headed up through the woods. At 3/4 of a mile I knew it would be a long walk for a five year old so I...
  4. 802-603hunter

    Any Experience with this Line of Leupold?

    American Marksman: I am looking for a reasonably priced ($250 or less) 3-9x40. Found the above on sale. Started out looking at a number...
  5. 802-603hunter

    From Game Pouch to Dinner Fare

    I made it out to do some hare hunting last Monday. My kids are more and more eager everyday to try new wild game meals (thanks to watching plenty of Meateater episodes). I wanted to try to something new and found a recipe I thought they would like. I cleaned the hare up and cut into small...
  6. 802-603hunter

    Smoker Advice

    Decided to upgrade to a new smoker. The one I have now is a 30 year old Little Chief that was given to me and has been cobbed together with a hot plate, some fire bricks, and wire. It works, but not without some backwoods engineering. I have done some research and am looking at a couple...
  7. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter's 2017 NH Season

    Muzzleloader Opener 10/28 & 10/29: I decided to head back to the area we took my nephew and daughter for youth season. It is an area that was clearcut last winter with selective cut around the edges. What intrigued me more than the clearcuts was the old cuts out back that had grown up over the...
  8. 802-603hunter

    Camp Addition

    I have been thinking about putting an addition on my camp to make space for a shower room, as well as a storage area so we can make better use of the screened-in porch which has collected items as of late. I spent a couple weekends over the last month putting in some concrete piers, building...
  9. 802-603hunter

    A New Chapter

    This year will mark the start of a new chapter in my hunting adventures as my 10 year old daughter passed the VT hunters safety course last weekend. We are looking forward to hunting NH youth season with my brother and his 9 year old son, as well as hitting the VT youth seaon with my...
  10. 802-603hunter

    2016 NH Mount is Home

    I picked him up last week. I am always very pleased with the quality of work the Renauds put out, their attention to detail is top notch. The blemish near the jaw is where I had to place the bullet, it cleaned up nice and I am actually glad it didn't vanish completely, tells a part of the...
  11. 802-603hunter

    Northern NH Lynx Video

    I retrieved one of my game cameras a few weeks ago, and while disappointed with the lack of deer, I was happy to capture a large cat on video. Based on the video I was fairly certain it was a lynx but was not 100% sure. I contacted NHFG and sent the videos to a biologist who shared them with...
  12. 802-603hunter

    Folks still up for a HC Rendezvous?

    I was trading PM?s with Browseline about dropping by for a visit in the near future as I have to be in his neck of the woods for a wedding in early June, we discussed the HC meet-up idea that was kicked around a while back and decided to see if there were any more interest. As of now the...
  13. 802-603hunter

    Signpost Rub Videos

    For some offseason viewing pleasure, here are some videos I combined from last year. I inserted photos of the two bucks we shot immediately after the videos we got of them. First one has a few bucks and two moose who sparred and roughed up the signpost. Knowing the weight of the second buck...
  14. 802-603hunter

    Great Deal on Stormy Kromer Gear Today

    Figured I'd share, 31% off everything today only. Check out their website. $2.99 shipping, and free shipping over $75. I swear by their hats, and I've noticed a few others on here sporting them as well.
  15. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter's 2016 NH Deer Season

    Muzzleloader Opener I was happy to see snow in the forecast on the days leading up to the opener. When I arrived at camp Friday afternoon I got the woodstove blazing and headed out for a quick ride before dark to check out what had been moving since the snow came the night before. Not many...
  16. 802-603hunter

    VT F&G Tooth Sample Aging

    Vermont Fish & Game pulled teeth for aging at reporting stations this past year and now have the results accessible on their website. Don't think I would have guessed my buck to be a 1.5 year old. Centium aging said to be the most accurate method so it should be right. 152# 7 point, good...
  17. 802-603hunter

    2015: The Year in Pictures

    Someone used to start a yearly thread for pictures, having not seen one yet, and as to not hijack vtbbhunters thread, let?s post them up here. Couple pictures of my beagles last hunting season, lost him to cancer in November, he was only five.
  18. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunters 2015 Trip to Maine

    After filling my tags in VT and NH I was contemplating heading to Maine for the first time. I had planned to take Thanksgiving week off and was considering banking that time for VT muzzleloader in hopes of hunting on snow. I can hunt Maine from my camp in NH so heading out last minute wasn’t a...
  19. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter tags out in the 207!

    Full report to follow in the next couple days:
  20. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter's 2015 Deer Season

    My season started in New Hampshire for muzzleloader season. With trick-or-treat duties I didn’t get to camp until late Saturday night on October 31st. Sunday morning we were up and ready early with high hopes for another season. The weather was rainy which I don’t mind for still hunting. We...