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  1. arlow

    Big Adirondack Buck

    I got that photo last month. Was supposedly the tug hill plateau area of NY. Who knows. It is an absolute beast where ever it came from!
  2. arlow

    Timberframe House Build

    That is incredible craftsmanship! Beautiful work! A lost art!
  3. arlow

    2 handguns for sale

    Keith, how is the trigger on the 380.
  4. arlow

    If you could only have ONE big game rifle?

    My browning A-bolt II Medallion in .300 win mag. Can be loaded for every game animal in North America. Bullets from 110 grains up to 205 grains depending on your target. I use 150 grain Hornaday interlocs on deer. Has a MPBR of about 390 yards on an 8 inch kill zone.
  5. arlow

    Scat Identification

  6. arlow

    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Thoughts and prayers from my family to yours, especially Jase. No child or parent should have to go through this.
  7. arlow

    Lets see your dogs!

  8. arlow

    200#, 200 Point Maine Buck

    That quote sums up so much of what I hate that society has become today. Back in the day if you were a "shitbird" ( I like that term!) everyone treated you like a shitbird. Shame is a powerful motivator. Now you get shamed for shaming those who need to be shamed.........
  9. arlow

    Season update

    Wow that sounds like an amazing season! Congrats! We need pictures!
  10. arlow

    My 2019 Buck

    Great buck Davey!! Congrats!!
  11. arlow

    200#, 200 Point Maine Buck I wonder if any relation to the famous Bernier trackers?
  12. arlow

    Impeach that prick

    Yes please MJ. Then the Senate gets to cross examine, Hunter and Joe Biden, Comey, The non whistleblower whistleblower, Shiff for brains, Nadler, etc, etc, etc..... It will be the dumbest move the Dems have made yet.
  13. arlow

    Blackbelt Hunting

    Another spammer
  14. arlow

    AMAZING!!! WingHome Night Vision Deer Photos

    Three started threads All three pushing this model trail camera Questionable english Probable spammer....
  15. arlow

    AMAZING!!! WingHome Night Vision Deer Photos

    Certainly not amazing. run of the mill night time trail camera photos. Illumination is not even that great.
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    That should do ya bud
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    Update time

    Great write up, thanks for sharing. Congrats on a fine buck