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  1. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    I sure hope so. He seems to be eager to practice the grip and grin photos.
  2. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    Think it could have been this one Browseline? My father-in-law shot it Saturday about mid-day, Big six.
  3. 802-603hunter


  4. 802-603hunter

    Friends NH buck

    Another nice buck for your group, pretty productive clan year in and year out.
  5. 802-603hunter

    Any 760/7600’s for sale?

    They typically have an assortment, I stop there often on my way to camp. Nice shop.
  6. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    I’m sure I’ll wash some dishes, but maybe I can guide. I told the other guys I’d be raffling off my spots. I think I’ve dragged bucks out 7 of the last 16 opening days, and a few others later in the season. It was an entertaining group text of deer camp banter.
  7. 802-603hunter

    How do these guys do it?

    Pretty sure I’ve talked to these guys. We hunted the same general area one year. I helped one of them finish dragging a real nice 8 out a couple years ago. I’d say most of the guys I know of that caliber and better are all second generation excellent hunters. Most also have a work schedule...
  8. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    I can’t quite pull myself away from going to VT camp in the NEK for at least the opener. Too much history and camaraderie there not to. We see plenty of bear so that will at least get me in woods and make me a quick summons to help drag for others. I may explore the Whites Sunday. Likely...
  9. 802-603hunter

    Annual Mass hunt with Dad

    Nice buck. A short trip with your dad is way better than no trip at all.
  10. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    Thanks. The way I see it, they will remember an experience like that way more than they will me pulling in with a dressed deer and a story.
  11. 802-603hunter

    Rut is on.

    Nice work! Guiding can be fun too!
  12. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    He might. I’ve seen two eights and a couple big sixes without brow tines. Your picture could be an entirely different deer altogether, hard to tell.
  13. 802-603hunter

    How do these guys do it?

    That would have been my guess, results are about the same.
  14. 802-603hunter

    802-603hunter 2020 Vermont Buck

    This year was the first time I had archery hunted in about 10 years. Things started of very slow, I saw very few deer during the month of October with no shot opportunities. I was planning to hunt at camp in NH for their Veteran Day rifle opener but after hunting in the heat last weekend I...
  15. 802-603hunter

    Shooter Buck's 2020 week 1 report

    Awesome week for your group, thanks for sharing the recap! Good luck in NH.
  16. 802-603hunter

    Hunting Camps............a dying tradition??

    Parker650, thanks for digging this up and pushing it to the top. I read most of it in the dark 30 minutes before daylight sitting in the woods yesterday morning. I wasn't a member here when your dad posted this thread, ironically I was a 26 year old looking for a small piece of land to build...
  17. 802-603hunter

    Boot Recommendations

    One of my favorites Shawn. In case that one flew over anybody's head:
  18. 802-603hunter


    Sounds like a good trip. Good luck in VT and NH.
  19. 802-603hunter

    Parker650 2020 Buck

    That’s a beauty, congrats! Your pause on pulling the trigger must be a testament to the quality of bucks around camp. I’m sure your dad has a big smile up there in the big deer camp in the sky.
  20. 802-603hunter

    Browselines 2020 Maine hunt and deer

    Thanks for the write up Browse, and congrats on the buck.

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