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    Anyone experiencing a “slow down” on deer movement in NH? My cams have gone dry except for a little, persistent 4 point that has eluded me and my BAR. :p Almost seems like a weak rut this year (in my little world anyway).
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    Good year for bear?

    My brother killed a doe last week in Grafton and he took it to a butcher in Bristol...when he got there and started to talk about what he wanted, the butcher said “I hope you’re not in a hurry for this deer!” My brother said no, not really, why? The guy then walked over to the cooler and opened...
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    Woodstock Soapstone Wood Stove

    Manufactured in New Hampshire in 03-04 timeframe and was with our house when we bought it. Asking $1800 or a reasonable offer. It’s the “Fireview” model. We are converting over to a propane fired model.
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    NH bear season coming fast

    I’ll be out on the 1st of Sept to try my luck at a bear. There has been a good sized one seen around the area. I don’t want set up a bait site with all the trappings of the barrels and chains and doughnuts, etc., but I do have some “scent sticks” that you light and they smoke and send scent of...
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    Truck tires

    I know its been discussed but I can’t find which thread...before winter I’m going to need tires for my 2013 F150. My biggest concern is getting up my driveway (paved part) when there’s unplowed snow on it. I’m usually home for storms but occasionally we get stuck somewhere and the storm has...
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    Supporting member purchase

    I purchased the supporting member yesterday...when does the “no ads” kick in? Just checking...:)
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    Just thinking out loud...I have never heard a deer grunt in my little hunting area. For that matter, never heard one grunt in my life. Not saying they don’t grunt but is it possible that bucks in a certain geographic area just don’t have enough competition from other bucks to feel the need to...
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    Veterinary surgeon?

    My 7 yr old Springer was just diagnosed with a torn or partial tear of the cranial cruciate ligament (think ACL in humans) My vet suggested I consult a surgeon but the ones she gave me are in Massachusetts and I’d like to stay in NH if possible. Anyone have any recommendations for a surgeon...
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    Spam, spam, spammy spam, spammmm

    More and more SPAM coming into this forum. I even got a personal message on my profile from a “Nancynancy something or other” asking me to click a link for “her” pictures... Any way to stop this crap from infiltrating us here?
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    Cold firearms opener! Brrrr!

    Went out to my ground blind before legal shooting time and could only stay til 9am...toes were freezing. Nothing had moved or freshened scrapes since before the little snow storm we had. Anyone else out there braving this cold? Update from this morning. While walking the dog to get the mail, I...
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    Roofing materials

    Had a new roof put on the house and there’s quite a bit left over (which I paid dearly for, I’m sure) I estimate the materials to be worth around $500-$800 Looking for $300 for the whole lot. (Or reasonable offer) 6 bundles (2 square) of architectural shingles dark brown. Full and partial...
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    Just a heads up!

    Abe's Awesome Armaments on 104 in New Hampton, NH has a white tag sale on Mossberg Patriot rifles for $299 and has 2 left in 30-06 and .243 They can be seen on his FB page. Anyone looking for a backup or kid's rifle?
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    Trying a new post for the videos. Nope...says “invalid files” wtf
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    New BoneView vids

    Forgot to change the date but this is in the last 3 weeks. Very happy with the new Browning cam! BoneView makes it easy to view pics and videos. Crap, hunting chat won’t let the vids load... Here are a few pics. Check the time for the doe and bear...she saw it coming. A nice buck roaming too!
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    2018 New Hampshire 7 point ready to pick up!

    Posted in the taxidermy section too...
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    2018 buck done!0

    Here’s my ground blind buck from last season...sneak pose.
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    Established taxidermy business for sale

    Just sharing this in case anyone has an interest or knows someone. Big Announcement Guys! The time has come for me to move on. This is your opportunity to buy my business, and take off! For current customers - rest assured I will be completing your mounts - no worries! It will be business...
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    Gun “control” bills

    VETOED! Gov Sununu did as promised and vetoed three bills passed by the now democrat NH house and senate. Thank you governor!
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    Takes a while to “heat up”

    But the salmon fishing on Winni is hot now! Last three times out (out of bed at 3am and back at the dock by 10 am) we’ve had some luck! The bit seems to shut off by 8am but I hear it picks up again in the evening...haven’t tried the evening yet. Some of the fish:
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    When do you start putting out your cams?

    I pull mine after the season and put them back out sometime in August. The bugs and heat keep me out of the woods until almost crunch time.

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