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  1. Kingman Cruncher

    Suggestions on an affordable OU 20

    I think I would like an O/U for next grouse season. I’m not a real serious hunter, but like to walk behind my buddy’s dog occasionally, I sometime just drive roads, but do lots of walking on old roads and love to shoot them on the wing or on a stump. Lol. Want something cheap, 26 inch barrel...
  2. Kingman Cruncher

    Cabelas, Ammo, Guns, etc

    I’ve kind of been in a bubble lately I guess and haven’t been “shopping” so to speak in 6 months. I had to run to Portland to drop off my daughter for sports last night and had an hour to kill so decided on Cabelas. A couple of friends asked me to grab a few things, etc. Wow. The store was...
  3. Kingman Cruncher

    Quick trip up north (Again x2)

    This past weekend my wife and I headed up to Jackman area. Was good to get out of the house as I haven’t been north since I hauled my snowmobiles home end of March. Was beautiful weather, and we basically just packed a cooler and spent Saturday driving around and checking out some old haunts and...
  4. Kingman Cruncher

    Group Buy?

    Turn key and very clean. Let’s do a hunting chat group buy. Sort of like a condo association. I’ll chip in the first $20. 😂
  5. Kingman Cruncher

    What would you do different?

    I always reflect on my season for the next few months and start thinking about what next year will bring. It’s the excitement of hunting that carries well after the season. For those successful or not, what would you have done different for this past season and/or what will you do different...
  6. Kingman Cruncher

    New Scope

    I’m replacing my 2x7 Nikon on my 7600 30-06 carbine in the off season. It’s served my well, but the clarity isn’t great an I think it’s due to the front lenses coating being worn off. It’s blotchy I guess I’d call it and likely from using my glove to clear it off. Any way, I have been impressed...
  7. Kingman Cruncher

    Price check?

    I’ll be honest, I have bought and sold very little guns online or locally but I am thinking about selling a Browning X Bolt Hunter 7mm08. It has a leupold variX II (I think) 3-9. Has the browning integrated base and ring set up. Gun is in really good shape, hardly used with a few dings in the...
  8. Kingman Cruncher

    Overall season report

    Hoping this short report goes through, have had access issues to posting and starting threads. Last week I headed to a familiar place in eastern ME for a quick trip with some old friends at camp. The trip here gets shorter and with less people every year, but the core from 1999 still prevail...
  9. Kingman Cruncher

    2019 Zone 8 Moose

    So this was my friend Trevor and I’s 4th moose hunt together since 1999. He drew the tag this time with me as a subpermittee. As I collected some sheds this winter and were keeping tabs on the moose, the fact that we deer and bird hunt up there, we didnt scout too much prior. We had 4-5 spots...
  10. Kingman Cruncher

    2019 Thread for the Bucks we didn’t kill

    Use this thread for bucks your buddy shot, hit by a truck, bucks you saw online or even FB. Smasher road kill on RT 4 headed towards Rangeley this week. All bone.
  11. Kingman Cruncher

    New Archery Law

    As I understand it, starting in 2020 you will be able to use a crossbow during archery seasons in Maine. So basically spot and stalk in October at some pretty impressive range and distances is now allowed. Thoughts? Anyone doing it?
  12. Kingman Cruncher

    Leupold Scope Fakes

    A lot of you may know this, but there are a bunch of leupold scope fakes from China floating around, especially on EBay. Read an article recently that a small reputable firearms dealer was also buying these in bulk and selling them to customers. I see a lot of fakes on EBay and it’s getting to...
  13. Kingman Cruncher

    Shortening a wood stock

    As my hunting rifle collection increases and I have the opportunity to shoulder lots of rifles back to back, I realize how poorly my 7600 fits me. My compact rifles (ruger and browning) pull up so well, no adjusting on the stock, just open eyes and have great sight picture through my scopes...
  14. Kingman Cruncher

    Marlin 336SC .35 Remington

    In another thread where we were talking about lever guns, I mentioned I missed my last one and someday hoped to have another and that I always like the .35 Sporting Carbine. A member here locally reached out that he had one he was interested in parting with and was kind enough to deliver it...
  15. Kingman Cruncher

    Scope Caps

    Just starting this thread as more of an FYI. I hunt in ME and it’s either snowing or raining on any given day. I started years ago messing with scope covers and learned a bit trying a few of them, breaking them, etc. My thoughts - I like the Butler Creek blizzard caps. Not sure I’ve ever...
  16. Kingman Cruncher

    Garmin Inreach Explorer

    Two guys in my hunting party are looking to move from the Rino units to these, my good buddy that I hunt with all season is looking to upgrade his GPS and was thinking about getting one. So that leaves me now considering one, so we can communicate in case of an emergency, stuck truck, buck down...
  17. Kingman Cruncher

    Camo Patterns

    I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube, primarily because his new camera work while tracking is nothing short of amazing. I actually have gotten wrapped up in his hunts as it’s point of view stuff really. Anyway, check out some of the newer hunts he has. This video testing different camo...
  18. Kingman Cruncher

    Week 3 report

    After hitting a mountain range in NW ME for opening day on snow and having an exciting day, and a two day hunt in the southern portion of the county 2nd week in the pouring rain, we headed to Jackman for a 10 day stretch. Without having the camp I rented the last 48 months, our group of 4 stayed...
  19. Kingman Cruncher

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving folks and for those still hunting, good luck. Remember, it only takes a second. Shoot a buck.
  20. Kingman Cruncher

    Trigger work?

    I have two 7600s. Both have an unacceptable level of trigger creep, like a really long pull before they break. Any affordable fixes. I see the timney upgrade is about $100. Seems pricey. Anything more affordable out there?

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