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  1. ojibwa

    AWOL since rifle season

    KY has a short gun season, but I haven't seen my #1 buck since. Hoping he has gone underground, as far as I know none of my neighbors killed him.
  2. ojibwa

    got a little problem to deal with

    mamma and poppa yote been hanging around.
  3. ojibwa

    Buck on new farm in KY

    He was a decent 10 last year , he grew a bit.
  4. ojibwa

    Gun smith in SE NH.

    Or not far from Rochester within 50 miles..looking for a real gun smith..
  5. ojibwa

    My slug guns

    My slug gun.. slug gun.... not guns....As I said before started off as a turkey gun bought a non-cantilevered barrel as the receiver was drilled and tapped already barrel is rifled ,ported and also pinned the the receiver the pinning and the fact it's not a cantilevered barrel makes it much...
  6. ojibwa

    Teriyaki marinade

    Have been using this for years , easy and fast.. depending on how much you want to make you can double or triple.. 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup veg oil, 1/2 cup +- soy, grate a table spoon or so of fresh ginger, dice half a small sweet onion mix well now you can add either sugar or honey to taste...
  7. ojibwa

    Not on the member list

    I recently was contacted through the forum notifications by someone who does not show up on the member list, how is this possible?
  8. ojibwa

    Great day to be in the woods

    Wife just called a buck crossed the road a half mile from the house and the leaves are wet, got a guy coming by to do some work I think as soon as he is done going to grab the slugger and go for a walk...
  9. ojibwa

    Power off again

    What is up with power grid here in Rochester, every time the wind blows or it rains the power goes off... 2hours this time glad we have generator went off at dinner time.
  10. ojibwa

    Somebody hunting tonight

    Big bright moon must be too much for somebody to resist, sitting here watching the game and just heard a rifle shot fairly close
  11. ojibwa

    Had a shot tonight sort of...

    Had a doe come in behind me (of course) she worked her way slowly to my left and got behind some thick stuff and stood there for 15 min. she finally stated walking again and was about to step out from behind the brush , I came to full draw and she stopped again ..I don't think she saw me she was...
  12. ojibwa

    Your thoughts on deer drives

    Deer drives or pushes, how do feel about them.
  13. ojibwa

    Will be glad when rut is over

    Truthfully I love the rut but I also hate the rut. Sure you might see bucks that you have never seen on your cams, but that buck you have spent months patterning is probably 2miles away chasing does, also bucks during the rut (chasing) almost never stop and you often can't stop them. You can't...
  14. ojibwa

    Yay wind powers off

    Been off for and hour now state wide outages.
  15. ojibwa

    Anither good GA buck down.

    Buddy of mine killed a decent buck this weekend, sent me the pic and asked if I missed GA yet....well YEAH!
  16. ojibwa


    As a whole is the hunting community as ethical as it claims to be, between poaching, trespassing stolen cams and stands (its hunters who steal most equipment left in the woods),baiting (when illegal) littering or not removing others trash. Shooting when legal light has passed or not come yet .I...
  17. ojibwa

    Beginning to agree with NHhunter

    With close to 70 hours on stand with bow in hand I think I see the light...I am ready to pick up the slug gun and start walking..
  18. ojibwa

    posted land delema

    I found a tract close the house the other day that has some shinny new posted signs, also a name and address of who I thought was the owner.. The funny thing is the name and address do not match the the ownership or tax records.. I went by the mans home [the one on sign] as he joins the land. I...
  19. ojibwa

    big buck down..not mine

    Pretty good GA buck my buddy had on cam and his neighbor killed it off his 7ac.
  20. ojibwa

    have a heart trap

    I need to borrow one for a bit, anyone have one close to Rochester? Needs to be big enough for a cat or coon.

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