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    Annual Mass hunt with Dad

    As you might imagine this year was different. My Dad is 84 and is considered high risk to get Covid. He wanted me to come down an stay at the house but I felt it was just too risky. And with two young ones here I could only get away for a few days. I had a great plan all set up. For the...
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    Wood stoves and Wool Youtube

    Searching for something to watch the other night on YouTube I came across some familiar faces on the Woodstoves and Wool Channel. Great job on the video guys.
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    White Mountain Carbine Question

    Any have or used to have one of these TCs? If so what was your go to load? The person I bought this from had a load and man it is erratic. Any input is appreciated.
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    2020 Archery opener

    Things appear slow around here so I thought I’d share a few stories from the last 6 days. I’ve been watching a few spots the last few months and have been mildly excited about my prospects. Usually I hunt acorns the first week of season and if there falling I’m in the money. If not we’ll I’m...
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    2019 Mass Archery trip

    Well took my annual Mass archery trip to hunt with my 83 year old Dad. Left yesterday snowy Vermont to get to Mass around 2:15. Had just enough tip to hike in a mile and setup in one of my favorite places. Was set up in the tree by 3:30. I know it’s cutting it close but thought what the...
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    Bushnell LRF 600 range finder

    Simmons LFR 600 range finder $50.00 plus shipping. This was my Dads and it is hardly used. In great shape works well. Needs a home where it will be used.
  7. Fixed blade

    Prime Ion Bow 27 inch 60lb
  8. Fixed blade

    Beagle Wool Pants Green

    My dad has decided to part with his Beagle wool pants. These probably saw the woods a dozen times. Like new shape perfect condition. Size 40 x 28. $300.00. PM me if interested.
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    Prime ION 50-60lb 26.5 to 27.5 inch draw

    Real tree Camo bought new in 2015. Strings and cabels replaced in 2017 and bow was hung up and never shot again. Great forgiving bow with a 7 inch brace and smoothest draw I ever have used. I upgraded and was going to hold onto this as a back up but really don’t need a backup. Paid over...
  10. Fixed blade

    Beagle Wear Stalker Jacket

    Well I bought this jacket for my Dad. He wore it 5 times and it’s been in the closet since. I guess he out grew it so he decided I should have it back. Problem is it’s way too big for me. Stalker Jacket Size Large Mossy oak Camo. In like new shape. It was purchased a year before beagle...
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    Big Buck Registry Boston Bowhunters featuring Jake Bennet

    Great podcast and frankly I have read Jakes stuff when he was active here and was very impressed but after listening to the podcast I have more respect for who he is and what he does. If you still stop in here I salute you. This should be a listen for anyone on here who hunts.
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    First fish

    Took my little guy out today. We fished one time last year and he really liked it but no fish. This year I wanted to get out more often. I haven't fished in 15 plus years but as a kid I was all about trout fishing with my dad and brothers. I caught a ton of trout in the batenkill right...
  13. Fixed blade

    Vt Mountain bird

    Been hunting 4 mornings now. Day 1. Hunted the low lands with a friend from work. Basically ran the call service. Called a bird into 30 yards for him but it was a rushed setup in some ledges. Bird caught movement and he got busted. Day 2. Hunted a hidden field. Wind storms really beat...
  14. Fixed blade

    Vermont P&P Plaque

    I have been unable to catch up with James (vtbbhntr)to make arrangements for the plaque. I don't think he checks in much. If anyone on here knows him if they could have him check his pm's that would be appreciated.
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    ARE cap fits Tacoma shot bed 2015 and lower

    Selling my ARE cap off my Tacoma 4 door shirt bed. It?s a 2015 and doesn?t fit the newer body style. Sliding glass all 3 windows and gutter mounts for a roof rack. 900.00. In North Western Vermont. Pm me if interested.
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    Euro mounts

    Does anyone remember the thread Paul/NH did on his euro mounts? I can't find it but if someone could link to it that would be very much appreciated.
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    Congrats on a great season. Nice mass buck. Thanks for posting.
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    Another tv Hunter accused of poaching

    Didn't know where to put this but for anyone who hasn't heard Chris Brackett's accused of shooting two deer back to back in Indiana when they clearly only allow one deer. According to the report he shot an 8 point and than a 170 walks out so he shot that as well and left the 8 point to rot...
  19. Fixed blade

    Vermont Muzzleloader

    Seasons about to get rolling again. Can't wait! Good luck to everyone headed out and stay safe. Can't wait to read the stories.
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    Opening weekend

    Well as anyone know in New England this weekend was not hunting weather. More like put the ac back in the window weather. I hunted Saturday and Sunday and will say the activity was fairly slow. Saturday nothing in the am and after the rain in the afternoon I was setting a hang and hunt and as...

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