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  1. Fixed blade

    Mass buck 2 down

    Congrats. Great buck. looks like a ton of mass at the bases. Cool pics.
  2. Fixed blade

    What Radio should I buy??

    Been running the rhinos for a long time. They work well for me and my hunting partner. I always make sure I’m on a 5 watt channel though. We use them more to triangulate our locations and work the woods for each other. We try not to be on the radios much. They have been great tool for us...
  3. Fixed blade

    Lucky Friday the 13th

    Kevin, what a buck. Congrats.
  4. Fixed blade

    Orange vest question

    Longbow. I think you should have bought the pro model. The pro model would allow you to just fly over the garbage instead of walking through it. It was a little more money but worth it. A little difficult to control in the wind but...........:rolleyes:
  5. Fixed blade

    Orange vest question

    I believe the answer is yes but you are required to have a solid orange hat. At least that was the law a few years ago when I hunted Maine
  6. Fixed blade

    Annual Mass hunt with Dad

    Wish it could have been a longer more normal stay. Not too many more left I’m afraid. But we enjoy what we can and control only what we can.
  7. Fixed blade

    Annual Mass hunt with Dad

    As you might imagine this year was different. My Dad is 84 and is considered high risk to get Covid. He wanted me to come down an stay at the house but I felt it was just too risky. And with two young ones here I could only get away for a few days. I had a great plan all set up. For the...
  8. Fixed blade

    7600 35 whelen??

    I only own the Whelen. Recoil not bad. Shoot a 225 Sierra hand load. Deer I’ve shot with it are typically a bang flop type shot.
  9. Fixed blade

    Meat lottery winners announced

    I ran over 20 shots between two sessions at the range. Never an issue. Cleaned as instructed and did the breech plug as instructed on their website. Never an issue at the range but two years in a row it wouldn’t fire. Once on a slammer and the next year on a doe. I went back to 777’s and...
  10. Fixed blade

    Meat lottery winners announced

    Mine is an encore and back when this happened they didn’t have a special BP for an encore. that may have changed because it was over 7 years ago Now.
  11. Fixed blade

    Meat lottery winners announced

    Sorry to hear this but had same experience with BH 209. Wont use it again.
  12. Fixed blade

    And #3

    This is the very type of reply I had hoped for. I do everything you did as well. I think that so many newer archers can learn from your post. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Fixed blade

    Wood stoves and Wool Youtube

    Searching for something to watch the other night on YouTube I came across some familiar faces on the Woodstoves and Wool Channel. Great job on the video guys.
  14. Fixed blade

    And #3

    Had to go back and reread this. How long did it take on your recovery? I ask because from the description it sounds like a tough track job for much of it. The buck I shot was 10 yards quartering away perfect shot. I had great blood at impact but for 30 yards pin head sized spots. When he...
  15. Fixed blade

    And #3

    Great Vt buck. So much for bow hunting the rut.
  16. Fixed blade

    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    Congrats. Sounds like a great adventure.
  17. Fixed blade

    White Mountain Carbine Question

    Thank you! I had thought I would try a 90 grain load. Just haven’t had the time. i think this will be a good winter project.
  18. Fixed blade

    Bear Down

    Congrats on a nice bear.
  19. Fixed blade

    White Mountain Carbine Question

    Yah running 100 grains of pyrodex rs with a round ball and not so impressed. I have maxi balls and hunter I can try but guessing it’s going to be a long process.

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