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    Quick Update

    Spent the last week in the western mountains and things were kind of slow. We were on snow every day and found does almost every day but good buck tracks seemed to be very scarce. Seemed like the bucks were not laying down much sign at all. Not sure what to make of it. Cold tracked a couple of...
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    Picture sizes??

    Anybody know what the max size picture you are able to post? Seems like I've tried about every size and still get the "file too large " message. It's getting to be a pain in the a**. I post mainly from my phone.
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    Check your Garmin GPS

    Figured I'd pass this along. Last week I turned on my Garmin to track the miles of a quick hike I was going to do and I had no idea where it was showing my location. Didn't recognize a thing on the map that it showed me on. I left it on for about a 1/2 hour and it seemed to go back to normal...
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    Darn Tough Sale

    Just a heads up. Darn Tough on sale 25% off.
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    Now I've seen it all

    Happened to flip on the Outdoor channel hoping to catch Shockey's Yukon series and while waiting saw an add for supplements/ vitamins for hunters. These happened to be the buck fever formula. Seriously, are people that nuts? That said I'll be trying them as my doc isn't giving out oxy's for buck...
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    Sebago derby?

    Just curious if anyone out there fishes it? Usually draws people from all over. I have some friends that usually spend the night out there. Good times. I try to fish Saturday, run home and get back for the cusk bite. Hope to this weekend also. I should probably work Saturday and Sunday but the...
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    1st Week of Bird Season

    Figured I would post a few picks from my bird trip 1st week. We saw a decent amount of birds and made out pretty well. Most of the birds we saw were singles w/ only a couple of groups of multiples. Real skittish too. Not sure why. My buddy managed a rare triple at one spot. One runner and 2 on...
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    Belated RIP, La Casa

    Been away for a bit and forgot to post about it earlier. Turns out they finally took the steam shovels to La Casa. Probably a few out there who have hammed it up over there in the day. :D Kind of ironic that they are putting up a shooting range as many guns have gone off there in the past. RIP...
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    Last ice trip for the year.

    Went north last weekend for one last hoorah on the ice. Not so much a hardcore trip, but more a chance to get together with a few guys I don't see enough of and hang around at camp and set some tilts. No shortage of ice that's for sure. There was an honest 3 feet of it. Plenty of snow too. We...
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    Burbot and Makinaws

    Burbot and Mackinaws Just sharing a few pics from some recent adventures. The laker fishing is in a bit of a lull lately for me. Sadly the ice is taking a beating w/ all these warm temps and rain. Hopefully we can get back on track because late season is usually really good. On a side note...
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    Laker Fishing

    I managed to get out for a few hours over the weekend. Nice weather. Caught a couple and lost another. Hope to sneak out for a bit this weekend too. Love jigging greasers.:cool: [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Maine Camp Part 2

    Like I alluded to in another post, trip 2 was not exactly stellar. Headed north early a.m. after thanksgiving with the plan to finish rifle and stay until middle of muzzy. Got up there to find the snow had all but disappeared. Spent most of friday searching for areas w/ better snow. Hell any...
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    Trip Reports

    Just getting back to reality late Wednesday but wanted comment on the trip reports everyone is posting up. Nice job by all. Great stuff. Haven't even had time to read them all either. I'll post on trip 2 when I get a few minutes. Nothing exciting though, unless your interested in racing down...
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    Maine Camp part 1

    I was hoping to get a real in depth report done but I'm short on time with Thanksgiving and heading back up after so here goes. Headed north on the 12th for a week. Met up w/ our own Gw up there. He lives in New Jersey but he's from Maine so I think that makes it ok.:confused: Got to camp to...
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    Darn Tough socks?

    With not needing anything new for the upcoming season I'm thinking of trying some new socks. Exciting huh? Anybody wearing the Darn Tough Hunting socks? Do you prefer the full cushion or the extra cushion? Thinking I'll order one of each and go from there.
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    Maine bird hunt

    Back from a few days bird hunting in the NMW. Bird numbers in our areas remain on the low side again. A little better than last year but not much. We only ended up with a handful collectively after two and a half days hunting. Oh well. Always a great way to welcome fall. Planned on taking bird...
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    Pat'rige recipes?

    With bird season right around the corner I was wondering if you guys had any good pat'rige recipes? Headed to zone 4 on the 5th for a handful of days. Hopefully the bird hunting is better than last year or we just might go hungry. Looking forward to hearing some ideas.
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    Lb or any other members that may have permits,with the moose hunt coming up, what's the plan? What have you decided on as far as gun, ammo, game plans, etc.. Must be getting psyched.
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    Possible trip report?

    Saw over on the BWB site that mbVT may have had some good fortune bestowed on him. Hopefully an epic trip report in our future.:buck:
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    Remington filler screws?

    Anybody know what size set screws I need to fill in the holes where I removed my rear sight? Specifically a newer model 7600. Haven't had the rear sight on for years and I just covered w/ tape.

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