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  1. mbVT

    Live Action Trail Cameras?

    Would like a sense of where people stand on this issue - live action trail camera use during hunting season. One thought it is that it is really cool to get a picture of a buck hanging out near your stand. Another thought is that it is a technological bridge too far - ripe for 'abuse' and...
  2. mbVT

    Proctor Town Forest - Potential Sale

    You probably thought that the sale of public land was just an issue out west. Vermonters take care of their public land and can't be bought out, right? Wrong! The Town of Proctor received an offer for the 1600+ acre Proctor Town Forest located in Chittenden, VT and are considering selling...
  3. mbVT

    mbVT Maine Tracking 2019

    While I anxiously await the Russell Report for 2019, I'll share some of my week in Maine. Dad and I arrived in Jackman Sunday of the 4th week ahead of the snowstorm. Got our grocery shopping done and settled in early. Got in some map staring- I last hunted in Jackman 2 years ago, so wasn't sure...
  4. mbVT

    mbVT 2019 NH Buck

    Tracked one down on rifle opening morning. He ended up being an 8 point, 149#. Based on his track, I thought he'd weigh up better (thought 170ish), but I was pumped to catch up to him. My dad, uncle and I drove over and hit the woods at about sunrise- it was cold, with windchills in the...
  5. mbVT

    VT Hunter Biathlon

    The New England Chapter of BHA is putting on a Hunter's Biathlon Sept 14th 1-4pm at the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club in Morrisville, VT. Sign up/RSVP here, $5 to shoot: Reach out if you have questions.
  6. mbVT

    The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

    With all the legislative turmoil going on these days, a lot of folks are falling back on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation as justification for a variety of things. This model was mostly set out for historical context, but can help guide us moving forward. I was sent this for my...
  7. mbVT

    A Changing Tide?

    I don't know if its who I'm reading/interacting with of late or if there really is a swing, but I get a sense that some of the sensibility is coming back to the hunting world- a change I'm in favor of. As part of that, I found an older essay, written in 1996, that captures some of that...
  8. mbVT

    mbVT NH 2018 Tracking Story

    Dad and I split up in the morning, parked in different areas within a couple miles of each other. My uncle and another friend were with us, hunting down low. The snow was fluffy, with a good amount that came Tuesday and a puff overnight. Temperature was 4* when I left the truck. I cut one track...
  9. mbVT

    A Trip West 2018

    Back from CO. Four of us did a drop camp hunt in a wilderness area Sept 8-15. Either sex muzzleloader tags (no scopes, loose powder, bore size projectile). One miss, two passed on. There were a lot of people in the area (hikers and hunters) and after 3 days, the elk, who were still on alert from...
  10. mbVT

    Education Series

    Just thought I'd put this info out there to any interested parties. A small non-profit I belong to is putting on an Adult Onset Hunter Ed Course here in northern VT Sept 22nd-23rd. This will be followed by a workshop series titled 'Modern Traditions in Hunting and Angling' where we are partnered...
  11. mbVT

    New Book - Bucks That Got Away

    I've spent the last 16 months or so working on a book, its about ready to be released. Thought I'd give you all a peek at the cover. Will be for sale on Amazon in the next few weeks provided everything goes right and through the website shortly after that. I'll keep you updated on that in this...
  12. mbVT

    2018 NY Meat Pole

    Post up pictures of your 2018 NY kills here! No discussion.
  13. mbVT

    2018 NH Meat Pole

    Post up pictures and details of your 2018 NH kills here. No discussions!
  14. mbVT

    2018 Vermont Meat Pole

    Post up your 2018 VT kills here. No discussion, just the details
  15. mbVT

    2018 Mass Meat Pole

    Post your Mass kills here!! No conversation, just pictures allowed..
  16. mbVT

    2018 CT Meat Pole

    Post your CT kills here!! No conversation, just pictures allowed..
  17. mbVT

    2018 Maine Meat Pole

    Post your Maine kills here!! No conversation, just pictures allowed..
  18. mbVT

    mbVT 2017 Deer Hunting

    With muzzleloader in VT left to go, thought I'd give a brief update. Started with NH muzzleloader and got into some pretty active scrapes and rubs. Over the course of the next few trips I was able to piece a few things together and cover at least a corner of the bucks territory. Opening day of...
  19. mbVT

    Early Season Small Game

    I've been slow to get around to doing much with my bow, having had the good fortune to put a CO mule deer in my freezer and wanting to wait until I can lug a rifle around, hopefully with snow. Instead, I've been poking around the big woods doing some small game hunting and brook trout fishing...
  20. mbVT

    Colorado Wilderness Adventure 2017

    Headed west for an early Wilderness rifle hunt for mule deer with Colorado Outfitters. Season opened on Sept 2nd. We rode in to camp on Sept 1st and glassed for the afternoon. Camp was at around 9000' and we hunted up on foot from there. We jumped a doe on our way through an old burn, then...

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