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  1. Gold Rush


    She certainly heard him.........
  2. Gold Rush


    I have always wondered the same thing. I have never heard a live grunt in the woods, or any bleats from does for that matter. Always wondered if grunting and bleating calls are really more of a deterrent than attractant. I have heard plenty of snort-blows though from deer that are on to you.
  3. Gold Rush

    Muck Boots Cheap

    I also just had to put some flex seal on my boots. So far, so good.
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    A good bird dog will train YOU. I'm on my second Brittany and neither were "officially" trained, but they become an extension of your self. They learn as you learn, knowing what to do and when to do it. The first one, Smitty, passed away at 14 and my newest one, Riley, is a joy to hunt with. He...
  5. Gold Rush

    Both buck tags filled in a tripple up

    You're doing a great job at reducing the deer population. 👍 Must be fun down there with all the Anti's.
  6. Gold Rush

    NH Cross Country Skier

    He's gonna run you raggedo_O. Tracking a wise old Buck is tough business🦌. He knows where you are:sneaky:
  7. Gold Rush

    Personal best ADK buck

    Nice Buck. Looks to be part Moose.
  8. Gold Rush

    Firearms opening morning success!!

    Nice deer. You deserve it for braving the cold.🥶
  9. Gold Rush

    What a weekend!**EDITED**

    Nice to have an onlooker and support. Good story and nice job.
  10. Gold Rush

    150lb 8pt

    You never know what's around the corner. Nice story and way to hang in there.
  11. Gold Rush

    NH Muzzleloader 1st Weekend

    Heard 3 shots Saturday morning about 8:30 and another shot Saturday evening right at sunset. Starting to see many scrapes out and about.
  12. Gold Rush

    NH Muzzleloader 1st Weekend

    Any NH muzzleloaders have success on the first weekend?
  13. Gold Rush

    NH Muzzleloaders 1st Weekend

    Any NH muzzleloaders have success on the first weekend?
  14. Gold Rush

    Forum Software Upgrade

    Looks and works good so far. Pages load so fast I can barely see it change.
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    Lets see your dogs!

  16. Gold Rush

    2019 New Hampshire Meat Pole

    9/18/2019 Bow, 25 yards 100 lbs. dressed Neck shot, dropped in its tracks and bled out.
  17. Gold Rush

    Doe Down

    Had a doe come in tonight about 5:45. Heard it blowing about 50 yards out, but it kept coming. Presented me a good shot at 25 yards, couldn't resist, so I took it. Hit it in...
  18. Gold Rush

    Buck at Night

    This guy came to my stand at 11 at night. Gotta get some drip out to bring him out in the daylight. When I'm there and he's there during legal hours he's gonna get one of my arrows strategically placed.:buck:
  19. Gold Rush

    Can't Delete Posts

    I noticed when editing a post that there seems to be no delete function. :confused:

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