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    NH Cross Country Skier

    Double teamed and got on a big one two days ago. Big boy with dragging feet down the mountain. Tracked him into some tops he was feeding on along with a couple of other deer then down the mountain some more then back up the mountain to a bed with a running track out of it. He bedded a couple...
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    Maine Success

    I have been wanting to track bucks for a long time and for various reasons I have not attempted it. I never seem to make it a priority when the season rolls around and before you know it I have tagged out with a bow or muzzle loader on bare ground. I attempted to track a buck last year but was...
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    Williams Peep Sight

    So does anyone on this board know why Williams has the peeps for the 7600 and 760 backordered? Can't seem to locate them anywhere. Roger-
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    Which One Would You Hunt With?

    Okay....for you gun guys with plenty seasoning and experience handling and hunting with one particular firearms or perhaps tried different firearms I would like to pose a question. Out of the ones I am listing if you had to have one gun to hunt deer with under any condition which would you...
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    Five Minute Hunt.......

    New Hampshire Hunt..... May 3 Out hunting and scouting some of our past turkey spots. Spot #1 two gobbles, some hen calling and the bird got busted. Not sure by what but it het the road. Spotted another tom with two hens and a strutter. Too bad it was in a field next to someones home. Hit a...
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    7600 o6

    Another one wandered over to my gun cabinet. Real pretty one too. Topped with a scope ready to go. I'll have it at the range soon along with it's 760 buddy. Roger-
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    760 Brass Front sight

    The front sight on my 760 is bent and cracked. Glad I found it now. If it came off hunting I would be SOL. I would like to replace it in kind. Does anyone have any suggestions? Roger-
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    Shell Holder Belt

    I am looking for a leather rifle cartridge holder sized to hold 30-06 (.30 cal). I would prefer a belt made of leather that also would have a place to hold a knife on it. Does anyone know where I would find an item like this and what is everyone using? Thanks, Roger-
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    The Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods!

    That is what is on the box! :D I purchased two boxes of Remington Core Lokt 180 grain SP and two of 180 PSP shells for my 30-06 760 pump gun. I have shot 150 grain PSP Core Lokt's out of my 742 and 750 and have been happy with them so I am expecting the same performance with this gun. Has...
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    760 Purchased Today

    Here is my first post! I have been reading about the 760's and 7600's that you all have or want....35 Whelen. You guy have got my blood steaming with all this talk about the pumps. I currently own a 742 (pretty old) and also another that my dad owned and bought a 750 carbine a few years back...

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