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    O Ring

    LB which one of the dozen you have is loose😬 Roger-
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    Suggestions on an affordable OU 20

    Agreed. I’ve had one for 40 years and love it. Roger-
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    Running two sets of tires

    I run 1 set of AT’s and change them out around 45-50 thousand miles which happens to be annually. Roger-
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    NH bear season coming fast

    Good luck Roger
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    Unreal Shots With A Traditional Bow

    Was that LB shooting? LOL...Lord of the Rings..... Roger-
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    2020 Hunting Plans

    NH archery, Maine 1st week hunt and then who knows-maybe I'll go back up if it's not filled, NH gun after that. I put in for a point in Iowa to draw a bow tag so looking forward to that in three years.
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    Hernia Surgery

    Times 2.... Roger-
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    coyote alert

    Sorry was a teen wolf movie reference.....Lol... Roger-
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    coyote alert

    Micheal J Fox .... Right. Roger-
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    Filson Sale

    Looks like a cold weather bow hunting outfit. Roger-
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    Gun Owners In NH : 100 Percent Partisan Gun Law Passed By Demorats 6/29/20

    I will not vote Democrat ever in this lifetime..... NH Gun Owner....NRA Life Member.... Roger-
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    2020 Moose Lottery Drawing Event

    Cowza.....good for you. Roger-
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    Let's See Your 2020 Archery Setup!

    I think that the more years under belt the less crap you want to haul around. Shoot a knife, drag rope and bow or gun ( now a ground pad Or tree seat) is all I want. Roger
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    Support for Josh's Boy Jase

    Well I’m wiped out reads this post. I just might need a nap now! Very generous of you. Roger
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    2020 Moose Lottery Drawing Event

    Zip for me too. Roger
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    R.I.P. Elli

    Sad sorry. Roger-
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    Moose Lottery

    Congratulations on your permit and good luck. Roger-
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    2020 Big Turkey Contest

    Thanks LB....I feel good about edging you out by only 1",,,,both great birds. Congrats to you and NH Archer. Now I have to focus on a big deer..... Roger-
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    Longbow Elk

    Nice memory of a great of many I'm certain. Roger-
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    What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while out hunting?

    My son attended the summer engineering camp there. Roger-

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