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    Shiloh Pond purchase

    I’ve done some digging in the past about the High Peaks Alliance mainly because I’ve done allot of hiking in the Bigelow Range and they are involved in that. I see now that they look to be in the final stages of purchasing the area around Shiloh. For those of you involved in conservation work in...
  2. shadow

    Big woods podcast with Hal Blood

    For those interested
  3. shadow

    New Mass archery rules proposal

    If you are interested in voicing your opinion here is your chance.
  4. shadow

    Crossbows in Ma

    Regardless of your stance on crossbows it looks very likely they will become legal in Massachusetts without the need for a special permit.
  5. shadow

    On the move

    Couple ma bucks on the move
  6. shadow

    Video test

  7. shadow

    Ticks are out

    I've worked outdoors and hunted for more than 34 years in the Ipswich area and can't recall a worse past week for ticks. I'm pulling between 50-75 a day off my dogs and about half that on me when contacting any brush for any length of time. Already had Lyme's twice in my life. Cold weather can't...
  8. shadow

    cam check 7/19

    snapped this with the iphone on the way in a few of the better ones
  9. shadow

    Summer fun up north

    My family and I were able to head up to th Allagash the end of June for some fishing and r&r. Always nice to spend time away from cell phones and everyday life. Saw some moose but not a lot. Lupine was flowering making for some great color along the roads My wife has had the hot hand this spring...
  10. shadow


    Empty right pedicle. Pictures tell the tale.
  11. shadow

    Dog photobomb's Pic

    Was going through last falls cards and came across this picture of my wife's deer with the dog as an add in. Looks like perfect timing on his part.
  12. shadow

    1st cam check of the year

    Lots of photos. Just a couple of the better ones.
  13. shadow

    Spring Fishing the Allagash Region

    This year marks me and my wife's 20th year fishing northern Maine for spring Trout. We usually spend 8 days but this year life got in the way and were only able to spend 4 days fishing. Lots of memories over those years but this year was special for both her and our son. Some great fish for sure.
  14. shadow

    Ipswich's Article 20 Sent to Committee

    Article 20 was sent to committee last night. Hopefully die's there. Town has a strong gun and hunting heritage. Shouldn't have been handled this way in the first place.
  15. shadow

    Shane Mahoney. A good listen

    I encourage all to spend the time listening to the podcast featuring Shane Mahoney on Wired To Hunt. It is full of great info and should also be listened to by the non hunting public. It's a little long but is time well spent.
  16. shadow

    Maine Moose Hunt 2014

    Got back from Maine late Sunday night from our zone 4 Moose hunt. It was a tough week of hunting with 12 hour days afield and weather in the mid 70's and heavy rain towards the weekend. Bowhunted through Thursday midday with no luck. Saw 4 bulls around 50" with one right around 55" but it was...
  17. shadow

    Buck in Velvet

    Picture of a buck I named High Tines. Photo is a couple years old from a film cam I was using at the time. Great Mass buck.
  18. shadow

    What kind of hunter are you?

    Not so much the weapon or season you choose, but how you go about it. I'm more of a loner when it comes to hunting and can count on my hand the number of people I choose to hunt with. I grew up in a non hunting family and never had the family connection involved. After high school is when I...
  19. shadow

    Maine Moose Hunt Prep

    After roughly 30 years of applying in Maine I got lucky and drew a tag. I also was lucky enough to get my first choice zone. I'm really starting to ramp up the prep work for this hunt. Seems early, but the season will be here before you know it. I've got certain goals set for the hunt the first...
  20. shadow

    1st Shed

    Son's 1st shed he found on his own. Not a giant, but his face tells the whole story!

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