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  1. Mountain Tales

    Better shooting tips?

    I have this issue when shooting and its very hard to explain. . It might be related to my anxiety im not sure. I pull up and aim and as my bead or crosshairs are floating around the target i get this horrible feeling of anxiousness like i have to pull the trigger and most times i feel as though...
  2. Mountain Tales

    Smaller birds identification on logging roads?

    Hi there, throughout the years when riding the logging roads ive always seen a ton of these birds on the sides of logging roads. They always pop up from the edges as im driving and very quick to fly up and ahead of me. They always seem to mostly be on the ground. They are the size of a robin to...
  3. Mountain Tales

    Weird or crazy things seen or found in the woods?

    Just wondering what some of the craziest, weirdest, coolest things people have seen or found in the woods?
  4. Mountain Tales

    Wool gloves

    i need a new pair of wool gloves. Im really fussy with gloves but wondering if anyone hss any ideas or thoughts. I need them thin enough to carry gun and run safety and pull trigger.. so they cant be too thick. Preferably with rubber dots for grip. I want wool
  5. Mountain Tales

    thread sealant on scope bases and rings

    I am finding a mixed opinions on thread sealant on scope bases and rings? What everyones views. I track and still hunt and always moving so i dont want anything to come loose. My father always put some on, but a guy at a sports shop said to never put any on the rings. Online its mixed. Ive...
  6. Mountain Tales

    ONX gps..

    how does it work if you dont have cell service? How does saving a map on your phone and having itbon airplane mode allow it to track where you are? Any tips on hiw to use it to my advantage in the big woods? Thanks

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