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  1. BDB

    Time to get to work!

    hell of a buck, good luck tagging him!!
  2. BDB

    NH Hunter 2020 Moose Hunt

    good luck, looking forward to seeing the reports as they come in. I drew a tag 4 years ago and it was an amazing experience!
  3. BDB

    Restriction on AR 15 for home defense

    Florida bu!ld away!!
  4. BDB

    Restriction on AR 15 for home defense

    Sorry, ME not MA!
  5. BDB

    Restriction on AR 15 for home defense

    what state? MA has restrictions. That said I could give a shit about the MA restrictions. MA, VT, NH, have at it perfectly legal but VT has some mag restrictions to consider.
  6. BDB

    Camera's ...... what's everyone using? Do you like them, hate them, regrets?

    I have used wild game innovations and they suck. I have been running covert cameras for the last 3 years and love them. Kick ass customer service if needed!
  7. BDB

    2020 Hound hunt

    thats awesome, congrats and thanks for sharing!!!
  8. BDB

    Bear Down

    that's awesome, congrats! Nice bear!
  9. BDB

    First MA buck of the year

    Thanks guys. With the temps going to be 60 over night I did not want to let him sit until the morning so I am glad I was able to get back out and get him. Even more glad a buddy offered to go help me! When I got home at 1am I couldn't be bothered weighing him but my buddy and I guessed 170-180...
  10. BDB

    First MA buck of the year

    I shot a doe the opening day in the evening so it was a good start to the season. I went back out yesterday to a different spot. About 6pm this guy slipped in on me. I did even know he was there until he snuck up behind me and walked out in front of me. It all happened fast. I only got the...
  11. BDB

    Who is Still Hunting?

    I have 2 more hunts in MA and then I'm hanging it up for the season. Won't be still hunting though, just sitting in a tree bored out of my mind with a bow :) The freezer is full so my motivation isn't very high but I do need to pull two stands so I'll hunt them and pull them at the end of the...
  12. BDB

    Riley's Gun Shop Hooksett NH Closes

    My only experience with Morse's was buying a new bow a couple of years ago and it was a very good experience, it's just a very long drove for me so I don't get there much. I used to like Rileys 5 or 6 years ago but really stopped going a few years back after they changed management. It used to...
  13. BDB

    Colorado Elk hunt

    Aweomse hunt and write up, congrats. Hunting out west is certainly a different experience and a first bull elk is a great memory! Badlands does make great packs. I have the 4500 for when I used to do pack in hunting trips. The gutless method is definitely the way to go when elk hunting, I...
  14. BDB

    Blizzard Buck Down

    Congrats, that is one hell of a buck! Nice work sticking out the elements and tagging a huge one!
  15. BDB

    Christmas Knives 2019

    Beautiful knives, great craftsmanship!
  16. BDB

    Sons Thanksgiving day buck...

    That is a hell of a nice buck, congrats to your son!
  17. BDB

    mbVT Maine Tracking 2019

    Congrats on a great day with your dad and a nice buck!
  18. BDB

    whole front shoulder

    thanks for posting this, I'm definitely going to try it!!
  19. BDB

    NJ Youth Day Buck

    Awesome! Nice buck and congrats to you and your boy!
  20. BDB

    2019 Maine Trip

    Great buck, congrats on the successful tracking job!!!

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