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  1. Pine-lock

    Deer tongue

    Any one ever try this and have it not come out like venison flavored gum? I've eaten plenty of deer hearts but tongue was new to me. I cut out and cooked up the tongue out of this years deer. Flavor was good but boy was it chewey. To cook I boiled it for 10-15 mins then I let it cool...
  2. Pine-lock

    Zone 15 8 point

    Last Friday morning I headed out to a spot a few miles from camp with Shooterbuck and one other from our camp. The plan was for Shooter buck to start a mile to the west, our friend to start 2 miles east and for me to still hunt between the two of them before meeting in the middle for lunch...
  3. Pine-lock

    Week 3, Another deer on the pole.

    Our camp has been having a great season so far with an unprecedented amount of sightings and tag outs by the whole group that we hunt with. ShooterBuck has made a couple posts about the last couple of weeks. Here's my story from last week's hunt. Last Thursday I was the only hunter...
  4. Pine-lock

    Pine-locks 2015 bear hunt

    Just finishing up packing and will be soon headed North to spend a week hunting bears behind hounds. My brother Shooterbuck will be joining me for the week. Hopefully I can post some updates as the week goes on, and maybe this trip will be as much fun as Shooterbucks bear trapping trip from last...
  5. Pine-lock

    Looks like good news

    Looks like good news on the bear hunting front.
  6. Pine-lock

    2014 Saddle buck

    Last Thursday was my first day to really get out and hunt. I had been out for some short hunts close to camp the prior week with my four year old son, but seeing deer is second to enjoying the woods when he tags along. My plan for my first mornings hunt was to walk from camp up a trail toward...
  7. Pine-lock

    New guy

    New guy from Mass here. I do most of my hunting in zones 9 and 10 in Mass and also zone 15 in Maine where my family has a camp. I've been reading the forum for a while and figured it was time to get involved. My brother Shooter Buck and my father JTMackeral are also members and have...

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