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  1. massthru

    Looking forward to——

    Can’t wait for he russel report!!! Any word on how they made out???
  2. massthru

    Can't wait!!!

    For the russel bro report. Hope they had a great time!!
  3. massthru

    Cool pic

    Went into scout this spot on Friday (10/20)morning quick and found it hammered with scraps. Move a couple cams around and planned to come back on Saturday night. Was lucky enough to kill this 8 pt on Saturday night. Just got around to pulling cards and had a pile of pics of him over those 2 days...
  4. massthru

    Deer heart??

    Shot a buck the other day and I noticed it's heart was covered in a very fatty sack!!! I've never seen this before neither have the few friends I showed it to. Anyone have any experience with this?
  5. massthru

    WTB H&R barrel

    Looking for an H&R single shot 20ga cantilever barrel. Also interested in barrel with rifles sights.
  6. massthru

    First trout

    Took the boys out fishing tonight and my oldest caught a beauty.
  7. massthru

    Rubbing mag

    Got a second mag for my 760 and it seems to rub really bad when working the action. Anyone else have this issue or heard of this. Is there anything im doing wrong? It is an all metal mag, don't believe it's one of the new ones.
  8. massthru

    Old school slammer

    Nmy dad used to hunt out of the old school house deer camp in Farmington. He hunted there from I believe the late 60s to the early 80s. I was at my parents house today and was sifting through some of his old hunting albums. I always remembered this photo of him standing next to a giant buck at...
  9. massthru

    Pretty cool

    Back when I was twelve I met Larry Benoit at I believe the Worcester sportsmen show. That year I happened to have killed a beautiful 204lb 8pt. While I talked with him I told him about my deer and he appeared very happy for my success. As my father and I went to leave he gave me a patch. If...
  10. massthru

    Still looking😳

    I'm still looking for a clean 760/7600. A few guys came forward a few months back with some options that just weren't for me at the time. Any leads are appreciated.
  11. massthru

    A great walk

    I went out with my dad and two boys for a quick she'd hunt today. We had a bit of luck puttin together two sets. A small 6pt and a decent 8pt set
  12. massthru

    Wouldn't expect anything less This whole thing is appalling. From the pressure they put on this kid to the deer balling at the end. A total anti hunting piece. I'll bet they interviewed a bunch of kids and he had the most reservations about actually hunting. Totally not a good...
  13. massthru

    Too bad

    Was out shed hunting with my dad and son and stumbled onto this old boy. Must have walked by him over a dz times over the past few years. He's a stud with huge bases ok tines and shorter beams. I think he was pretty old.
  14. massthru


    Any good butchers near Norfolk ma
  15. massthru

    About time for a Russell Bros report😃😃

    Can't wait for this years stories!!! Best of luck guys shoot a MONSTA!!!!!!!!
  16. massthru

    First pheasant

    I had a little time on Thursday afternoon so I decided it was time for the boys to go on their first pheasant hunt. We headed over to the near by WMA with the dog and worked some cover along the trails. I ended up spotting a hen hunkered in the brush. I put the boys behind me and sent the dog...
  17. massthru


    Just wondering what everyone is sending down range through their guns.
  18. massthru

    Looking for a lead!!!

    Anyone have any leads on a clean 6, 760, or 7600s. I'd prefer a 7600 carbine in 30-06 or 270. Obviously looking for a deal, $350-500. Does t have to be mint just not beat. Would like to see gun in person or be connected to someone who has.
  19. massthru

    Chest freezer 5 cubic ft

    I have a Idylis 5 cubic ft chest freezer that is about a year old. It runs perfect no problems (I picked up a large stand up). $100 picked up
  20. massthru

    Tom decoys

    Carry lite Peep n Tom: with carry bag stake and both heads. (No tail) been using a real Jake fan with good success. $25 Primos B Mobile: with stake, manufactures fan and carry bag. $25 Both decoys in great shape. Price does not include shipping. would Prefer to meet up.