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  1. NH-Archer

    Target buck spotted

    I have a buck spotted, he's been in the same spot for a month. Time to get serious.
  2. NH-Archer

    Doubled with my nephew today

    Went out with my "very busy" nephew and had 4 jakes come in. We decided to take 2.
  3. NH-Archer

    NH youth weekend

    My daughter, Taylor ended her youth hunting this past Saturday am, 6:55. She has been hunting since 8 years old, taking 5 birds total. Her days of being spoiled are over. 22lbs, 9.5" beard, 1" spurs.
  4. NH-Archer

    Last minute shotgun hunt

    I went out with my daughter and nephew to try one last time, being Sunday at 2pm. The wind sucked!!! We drove around through all the spots I know.... nothing. Then, we spot a flock of 5-6 birds, all toms, fighting!!! We put the move on them setting up in the woods. After 20 minutes, I'm looking...
  5. NH-Archer

    Fall bird

    I have been hunting with my daughter, trying to get her a turkey w/bow. We had an encounter last Monday with 3 toms, she gave 1 a hair cut. We set up Friday afternoon and 2 toms came in.... my daughter nicked the blind and missed completely. My turn.... which turned out being a 16(??)lb., 9"...
  6. NH-Archer

    what I did on my summer vacation.....

    Got a total knee replacement!!! I hate the beach..... so I decided to have my knee done now to be ready for that "cooler" time of the year when I carry my hunting license with me. lol Think fall!!!!!
  7. NH-Archer

    2004 Honda Rancher 775 miles

    See Craigslist ad: $3300 text to 603-582-2770 Moe
  8. NH-Archer

    What do we do now?? I know.... Woodchucks!!

    Went out looking to get my daughter her first woodchuck, saw deer, turkey etc. Had fun..... then, bang!!
  9. NH-Archer

    2018 youth turkey double!!

    I took my niece, Sam, out for her first ever hunt. Sam and my daughter, Taylor just went through hunter safety a couple of weeks ago, and Sam wanted to try turkey hunting. 5:55 am, all done!!
  10. NH-Archer

    Hydro dipping

    I've been researching this topic and is seems tricky. I want to camo my synthetic guns. Anybody tried it, any experience with dipping?
  11. NH-Archer

    swing and a miss, last time out. went out with Groundstalker, fellow HC-er, and saw some deer. Got a shot off, pore yardage guess timation.
  12. NH-Archer

    Back from NY

    My nephew and I got back from hunting in NY for the first time. We learned a lot from those NY boys. Jeff got a deer on a drive they put on, in public land and I got a doe on the way back to town. We were happy to both get a deer, Jeff's was on the run at 50 yards..... dropped it with a scoped...
  13. NH-Archer

    Finally!!! Got a nice oneI

    I got out of work, hurried to gather my gear and my daughter wanted to come for a quick hunt. we set up along a field edge for and hour and a half. Last 10 minutes or so, I decided to pack it up. walking out quietly, and to another field and I said, ?deer!!? Taylor says, ?it?s a buck!!? i get...
  14. NH-Archer

    2017 fall turkey

    Last Friday, 9-22, I shot a tom that I believe my daughter and I had 3 encounters with last spring. She was determined to get him, but 2 times out of range and the 3rd was too close!!! Her pattern wasn't open enough to get him, clean miss. I scouted him out a few times and he was still hanging...
  15. NH-Archer

    NH Hen beating up my decoy

    I guess hens get moody this time of year. The hen literally beat up my decoy for 45 minutes.... taking breaks in between. (lol) fast forward to 5:30 for the action to start. I couldn't shorten the video, cause I'm clueless. Enjoy.
  16. NH-Archer

    Got one!!!

    I'll try to make this as short as my hunt was.... Being my off Friday, I slept in till 5:30 am, took my time getting my gear together, drove around the usual spots.... not seeing anything.... mentally prepared for my 35 minute drive to my favorite spot, which has dried up since opening day...
  17. NH-Archer

    Question for you Ma. boys

    I thinking of joining a club in Ma. and I'm in NH. So how does me bringing guns to the club work with no FID card? The guys at the club said that the town doesn't like it, nor does fish and game, but nobody has an answer. Thoughts???
  18. NH-Archer

    Townsend Rod & Gun Archery league Tuesday nights

    Is anyone here shooting this league? I just started 2 weeks ago.... Just wondering if I was standing next to a fellow member. Brian Visco shoots there. Good to see and talk to him, it's been a while.
  19. NH-Archer

    Browning Strike Force HD Camera

    I got a flyer in the mail yesterday advertising the Browning Strike Force HD camera for $99, starting Aug 7th. Should I buy one or stay away? From what I've been reading from you guys, the Recon is the way to go, right? I love the idea of trail cams, just living in southern NH to have it stolen...
  20. NH-Archer

    Odd Hen spotted

    Saw this hen Saturday am, wonder what happened? She did have the other leg, but missing from the knee down.