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    Cleaning kits

    Oh boy, talk about opening a can of worms, lol! Besides my personal arsenal I spent 30 years in the Army shooting and cleaning weapons so I’ve got some experience. I have two kits of brushes and tips. One is brass brushes and is pistol, rifle and shotgun with all the associated tips and...
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    Slug gun - SOLD

    Hey all! I put this in the classified thread a few days ago but some of you may not read that regularly so I thought I’d post it here also: Up for sale is a near mint 20 gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter. Purchased new a few years ago, it has a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4x Circle X reticle scope on it as...
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    H&R Handi 20 Gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter - SOLD

    Wood stocks, and yes it’s an H&R.
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    H&R Handi 20 Gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter - SOLD

    Up for sale is a near mint 20 gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter. Purchased new a few years ago, it has a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4x Circle X reticle scope on it as well as a hammer spur. Very accurate with 3” Remington Accutips, the one deer I shot with it dropped in its tracks at 80 yards. I now have...
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    Red Dot sight

    First year I had my 7600 I mounted a 30mm Pentax red dot. Shot a 4pt while still hunting at 20 yards but I realized that at any distance much beyond that I’d need some magnification. It now wears a Redfield 2x7.
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    Ended the season with a bang!

    And sooo, was there a bang??
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    Always completely empty before weighing. Depending on dragging conditions (terrain, snow/no snow, distance, and helpers) I may leave the heart/liver/lungs in or I may discard them at the kill site.
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    Thanks all for your comments. Not sure yet what the asking price will be but when I do find out I’ll let you know what the outcome is.
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    Yes, same one but with a red triangle.
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    Yes, that’s the one. His is the non battery powered one, the Accupoint.
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    Does anyone have one of these? Hunting friend is selling one and I’m interested. It has the red triangle reticle and will probably go on a Remington 788 in .308, my “sitting” rifle. Not sure yet what he’s asking for it but if he’s in the $500 range I think that’d be about right. Thoughts??
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    Prayers for Russellbro family

    Thoughts and prayers to your whole family...
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    What would you do different?

    One more thing I forgot to mention. I trimmed down what I carry so that everything fits in jacket, vest or pants pockets. No more belt pack and what a big difference that made n my lower back...
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    What would you do different?

    First, practice shooting more in the off season. On 3 different occasions this year I “short stroked” my 7600. Once on a deer, once on a bear and once on a coyote. Not a good thing to hear a click instead of a bang when you’ve got an animal in the scope. Next, new scopes, leupold 2x7 freedoms...
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    Who is Still Hunting?

    This Saturday will be my last deer hunting day this season with the ML down in MA. It’s been a great year. Started with bowhunting at home here in VT, then a week long bowhunt in OH where I shot a nice 9pt. Then home for a couple more bow sits followed by a week of ML and rifle in Pittsburg NH...
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    New Scope

    I have a vx1 1x4 on my 7600 carbine, been on there for 10 years or so. This winter I’ll replace it with a vx freedom 2x7. I sit/stand a lot more than I used to and having the ability to crank up the power means more to me than the close running shot qualities of the 1x4. If there was a...
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    I’ve shot 5 deer in the last several years with my muzzleloader. It works well using 95 grains of BH209, pushing a Hornady 240gr XTP hollow point in the green plastic sabots. The gun is a NEF Huntsman, I had a local gunsmith cut the 26” barrel to 21” to balance it for better carry and hold. He...
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    As of 30 minutes ago I’m the proud owner of a new to me, used, 870 12 gauge with rifled barrel and cantilever scope mount. Too late to get it scoped and sighted in for the couple days left in this years shotgun season but it’ll be ready for next year. Way more downrange energy than a 20 gauge!
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    Blaze orange

    Ok, I’ve got to chuckle at that one. A religion that says you can’t wear orange, but red is OK? Really, now I’ve heard it all...
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    Blaze orange

    First, some back ground. I’m 58, been deer hunting since I was 14. It took me a lot of years to warm up to blaze orange but now, in every state I hunt firearms seasons in, whether it’s required or not, I wear an orange hat and vest, period. It is beyond me why it’s not law in every state. It’s...

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