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    Slug gun - SOLD

    Hey all! I put this in the classified thread a few days ago but some of you may not read that regularly so I thought I’d post it here also: Up for sale is a near mint 20 gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter. Purchased new a few years ago, it has a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4x Circle X reticle scope on it as...
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    H&R Handi 20 Gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter - SOLD

    Up for sale is a near mint 20 gauge Ultralight Slug Hunter. Purchased new a few years ago, it has a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4x Circle X reticle scope on it as well as a hammer spur. Very accurate with 3” Remington Accutips, the one deer I shot with it dropped in its tracks at 80 yards. I now have...
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    Trijicon 3x9x40

    Does anyone have one of these? Hunting friend is selling one and I’m interested. It has the red triangle reticle and will probably go on a Remington 788 in .308, my “sitting” rifle. Not sure yet what he’s asking for it but if he’s in the $500 range I think that’d be about right. Thoughts??
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    Blaze orange

    First, some back ground. I’m 58, been deer hunting since I was 14. It took me a lot of years to warm up to blaze orange but now, in every state I hunt firearms seasons in, whether it’s required or not, I wear an orange hat and vest, period. It is beyond me why it’s not law in every state. It’s...
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    Ruger .44 magnum carbine for sale

    Ruger .44 mag carbine for sale. This is the early version with the tubular magazine. Good condition, functions and shoots well. Scoped with a Bushnell Banner 1x4 with the circle plex reticle. $600 firm. I’m in northern VT and would prefer to meet to make the transaction. PM me if interested and...
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    Summer fun

    2nd one of the year for the Marlin 925M in .22mag. Wife gets an assist as she saw it out the kitchen window on the neighbors lawn!
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    Been hunting this area with a friend the last 4-5 years. We don’t get a chance to scout before deer season, we come in cold and use most of the first day to figure things out. I’m not foolish enough to ask where your hunting spots are, but one piece of info that would be very helpful as we go in...
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    The Gun Shop, East Haven VT

    Stopped in at this shop on VT RT 114 yesterday. If you’re in northern VT and are in the market for a 7600/760 you should swing by. At least 10-12 on the rack, new and used. Mostly .30-06 but a few others as well and the prices are very reasonable. Just thought I’d pass it along... Lester
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    Irish Setter 12” Elk Trackers

    So these boots have been my go to footwear for deer, moose and turkey hunting, plus working in the sugaring woods for the last 3 seasons. After sugaring this year they were in tough shape, especially the sole, the lugs and nubs were worn to the point traction was suffering. I was resigned to the...
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    .308 Remington Managed Recoil

    5 years ago a good friend suffered a traumatic brain injury while volunteering for our local snowmobile club. He's an avid deer hunter and has killed many fine bucks n his life. After the injury his doctor cautioned him about recoil and suggested he stop hunting. Well that was not an option for...
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    Copper Foulng

    Back in 1976 I bought my first deer rifle, a Remington 788 .308 with a Tasco 4x. It was and always has been the most accurate rifle I own. Last fall I took it to the bench to shoot the one or two rounds I always do to verify zero and it was all over the place, no consistency. Doing some research...
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    Camp Night

    At a camp I frequent we often do mid winter camp nights. Hike and/or snowmobile in, cook a good venison meal, play cards, have a few, tell stories from seasons past, talk about the many horns up on the walls. It passes the time between the end of deer season and our yearly rabbit camp weekend in...
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    .25-06 Bolt Action

    I've decided on a Bolt Action .25-06 with a 24" barrel. Potential use includes long range coyotes, western antelope/ mule deer, and a Quebec caribou hunt if the herd comes back. The Weatherby Vanguard series and Browning A-Bolt are the two I'm leaning towards but I'd like to hear opinions or...
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    31 Days

    31 days deer hunting this year in 4 states: Vermont, Ohio, New Hampshire, Massachusetts. 4 weapons: crossbow, muzzleloader, shotgun, rifle. 5 bucks sighted, 40 does or unidentifiable deer. 2 bucks taken: Ohio 8pt, NH 4pt. 1 buck missed: NH 6pt. That's the short of it. The long of it is well...
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    Turret cap

    This is a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I've got 3 Nikon ProStaff 2x7 scopes. Yesterday I took my Remington 788 .308 out of the truck to sight in some new ammo and one of the turret caps was missing off the scope. Tore the truck apart but it's gone. If anyone has a spare laying around I...
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    Scope and peep setup

    Went for a walk last evening to set out a couple cameras. Grabbed this M94 30-30 to carry along. Nice setup, it has both a Williams 5d peep and a Weaver 1x3x20mm scope in a side mount set up. With Hornady Lever Evolution 160gr rounds it keeps 3 shots in 4" at 200 yards thru the scope and 3 shots...
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    Stormy Kromer

    I've had a Stormy Kromer hat in blaze orange the last 4-5 years. Absolutely love everything about it and have worn it in temps ranging from 50 to -10 degrees and have always found it to be comfortable. Only issue is it has faded to the point where I don't think it meets the legal definition of...
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    Been hunting the Bernardston area the last few years. Living in northern VT we don't get down to scout much before October so I'm hoping somebody can tell me what this years acorn crop is looking like in the area. FWIW, the beechnuts are looking great up here. Thanks, Lester
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    On my first Ohio bow hunt. Seeing deer, passed up a small buck, had a corker come in behind me two nights later, no shot. Lots of buck sign too, everything I hoped for. Except getting a trail cam stolen. Hunting public land so I knew there would be other hunters, just naively thought everyone...
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    My house sits at 2190 feet in the southern part of zone D2 in VT. Am guiding during the moose firearms season in a couple of weeks, good sign has been had to come by so far. So tonight I'm puttering in be garage and around 6pm I decide to go out back and cow call for a while. Behind the house is...

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