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    Ah venison snack sticks jalapeño cheddar
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    Lightfield hybrid slug

    anybody out there know if the plastic wad should have separated from the slug I took this out of my deers ribs plastic was still attached shot from my 870 rem
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    Unit m tag filled

    got 1 in the freezer after a tough beginning season all sorts of personal problems did some still hunting today were one of my stands went dry got it on the run shotgun double lung back at it tomorrow bow
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    We'll pump puller

    Can anyone rent me a well puller, I have had no water now for a week can't hunt either I need to replace my pump so I can get back on stand ,any help Is greatly appreciated ,
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    The hunted movie

    My wife bought me the movie the hunted at walmart makes me think twice going to your tree stand in the dark it's a horror based film rated 3stars a tale of two bow hunters film a movie in Virginia to chase a big buck they wind up getting hunted by a Nasty ghost they piss off hunting in the...
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    My old school trail cam

    I wish they still made these cheap and work great ,I do use thread still across the trail
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    New trail cam

    Hey guys ,anyone ever use the wild game innovations blade x 6 lights out camera looking for info on its reliability and batt life thanks for all info eric

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