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  1. Lil Walker

    Cellular cameras

    I’m looking into getting some cellular cameras, what cameras work better? I hear either good or horrible reviews on spypoint cams. Any advice will help Thank you!
  2. Lil Walker

    Triumph vs Bone collector

    I'm looking to buy a new muzzleloader is there that much of a difference in the triumph and the bone collector edition?
  3. Lil Walker

    Powerbelt vs shockwave

    What's difference in these to bullets is one better than the other?
  4. Lil Walker

    Hunters safety course

    Is there any way to take a hunters safety course online? If so how do I do it?
  5. Lil Walker

    30-06 vs. 270

    What is the difference between 30-06 and 270 and why would one be better than the other?
  6. Lil Walker

    Rage broad heads

    My buddy has rage turkey broad heads and was wondering what the difference was between them and regular three blade rages and if he should use them on deer, any thoughts?
  7. Lil Walker

    Anti hunting arguments

    Im writing a persausive essay and need to find some arguments for anti hunting to put in the essay even though im highly against it and love to hunt! but i cant find anything to even argue against hunting. Like there isnt any good chases against hunting witch is great but i need some for my...
  8. Lil Walker

    Bear Pics

    Some bear pics i got at my bait..
  9. Lil Walker

    Scoring question

    I have all my measuerments i just dont know how to add them in to score the buck i got this year
  10. Lil Walker

    Mock scrapes

    Is it to early to make mock scrapes?? i ve never done them before but thought id try it this year
  11. Lil Walker

    No bucks

    just a moose calf and a doe
  12. Lil Walker


    Does anyone have a luck item they carry with them in the woods?? What is it?
  13. Lil Walker

    Bear down!!!!

    My dad and i have three baits all at one point were getting hit hard.. One my dad was so confident the first night we were gonna get a double but when we got there the wind ended up being bad and nothing came in.. We went back there the next night and still nothing but i wasnt strong enough to...
  14. Lil Walker

    how big??

  15. Lil Walker


    How do you guys cook your geese???
  16. Lil Walker

    Thanx for the knife jgbennett6!!!

    jgbennett6 made me a custom knife and i just wanted to say thanx i appriciate it very much its very nice if i new how to post a pic i would but im computer dum.. but thank you very much it means alot to me!!
  17. Lil Walker

    Big buck spotted!!

    I talked to my dad and yesturday he was out scouting with his bow in hand and saw about a 200 pounder in the area i wanted himto check out for me.. i cant wait to get out inthe woods!!! The buck was running so no shot with the bow but if he had a gun he might of been able to get him. But i bet...
  18. Lil Walker

    Four Wheeler?

    Im looking for and atv or like a rhino type thing which one is better and what atv is better? Im looking for somthing that goes good and has good clearance any ideas??
  19. Lil Walker

    Dad just saw a six point

    I just talk to dad on the phone and he saw a six point cross the road in front of him close to the house.
  20. Lil Walker

    Hey willy and friends

    Hey this is Bryce Walker a friend of willy13 how are you gary? im just learning how to do this.. Hunting season is so close and i cant wait!!

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