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    Roadkill Fawn

    Picked this up from the taxidermist yesterday. I had picked it up in July 2018 on the side of the road, it was probably 30-40lbs. I knew I would kick myself if I didn't mount it as this is one of those rare opportunities, so here it is! I am pretty pleased with how it came out! How I came...
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    BWB 7600 35 Whelen

    Not sure if you guys have been listening to the BWB podcasts, but they announced a "BWB Edition" 1/100 I think it is 7600 in 35 Whelen for anyone that is interested.
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    NMW Gate Price Increase

    NMW reported today on FB that they were increasing gate prices. "Maine increased it’s minimum wage again this year by one dollar from $10 to $11 per hour. In order help to offset that cost, there are a few fee increases going into effect this year: - Resident daily fee from $10 to $11 -...
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    Our new Governor just came out in support of the NECEC Transmission line...
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    Carrying Binoculars

    Those of you that still hunt/track and carry binoculars, how are you doing it? Stored in your pack or pocket? Bra type straps? Neck strap?
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    Sling Attachment

    The 7600 I bought has the forend swivel sling attachment but I notice others have the barrel clamp type. Which do you prefer and do you think one is better than the other. I can't find it now, but it seems like I had read something that the forend type caused extra stress on the...
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    BWB Podcasts

    I was wondering how many of you listen to the BWB Podcasts, and if you have listened to the latest one yet. I think generally they are very entertaining and informative, but this last one brought up an interesting topic about wearing orange as well as identifying your target. This plays along...
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    BWB Woodman Arms Muzzleloader

    Anyone see the new Woodman Arms Muzzleloaders being sold by Big Woods Bucks? They look like a really nice gun. Around the same length as a 7600 Carbine, and slightly lighter. In hearing the BWB guys talk, the feel, way it carries, safety, etc. is about as close to a 760/7600 as you can get...
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    NorthMaine's Week 3 Report

    Much to my wife's displeasure (she gets bored in Jackman), for the first time in my 18 years of hunting, I had an entire week of hunting planned. For my Dad it was the first time he has taken a week off for deer season in probably 10 years. In the past 5 years or so, my hunting has been...
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    Merry Christmas To Me

    Picked up this 7600 Carbine today in 30-06 used, private sale. For $400, I couldn’t pass it up. Got a peep on order. Can’t wait to try it out. Going to convince my Dad to make a curly maple stock set for it. He’s already made two for my Winchester 670 bolt, so this two piece should be a piece of...
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    2 Days

    Unfortunatley, like my past 5 or so years hunting, my time is limited to two days (Friday and Saturday) of the last week. We usually eat Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws early Thursday afternoon, then drive to my parents Thursday night. I'm still trying to warm the wife up to the idea of...
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    Hanging Deer Prior To Caping

    Shot my first buck last Saturday morning, and I didn't really decide I wanted to mount it until late Monday. The deer has been hanging since Saturday afternoon (head down), and won't be caped until Friday morning and likely won't make its way to the taxidermist until Saturday or Sunday. I...
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    Zone 8 Next Week

    Prepping for my moose hunt next week in Zone 8. Any tips or good places to go? We are going to be hunting out of Jackman. Those who have been out, are the moose still pretty vocal? Thanks

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