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  1. Grey Wolf

    NH Youth Weekend Success!

    Made it happen with my oldest son who is 10 on opening day of NH youth. Had a Tom (I think) on roost at 30 yards in front for 1/2 hour after first light gobbling its head off but this Jake came in silent. He wanted the Tom but I convinced him a bird in hand is worth two in the bush - Jake down...
  2. Grey Wolf

    NH Rut still on 12/6/18

    I bumped these two in the dark going into this stand yesterday morning (have an archery buck only tag). I could here them go about 100 yards away on the crunchy leaves and then stop and then silence. They must have eased out. The day prior I saw 3 Does and a Fork from this same stand but they...
  3. Grey Wolf

    NH 2018 Deer Kill Through November 26th
  4. Grey Wolf

    Nice 6-Pointer

    Shot a nice 6 yesterday. Hunted with a buddy of mine on a field where he has been seeing deer. The plan was a quick afternoon hunt from a ground blind where he would get first shot on anything in Bow range (only had a bow tag left) and I would be mop-up boy or shoot anything out of bow range...
  5. Grey Wolf

    NH 2018 Deer Kill Through November 2nd
  6. Grey Wolf

    Fighting Bucks

    Things are getting chippy. I haven't hunted this spot since early October. Bucks just recently started showing up. Spike, Fork, 6-point and 8-point. This is the Spike fighting the Fork or 6-pointer:
  7. Grey Wolf

    NH - November Call-up

    I'm pretty sure this is the big 8 I had running around last year but now he's a year older and bigger. I'm not sure where he's been but good to see him showing up for November 1st. There are two other smaller 8 pointers that are sticking around since going hard horn. A ten pointer I had in...
  8. Grey Wolf

    NH Deer Kill Through October 18th
  9. Grey Wolf

    Active Logging Operation - Deer Movement

    So, I knew this was coming at some point based on the marked trees but I have an active logging operation going on at/near one of my spots. It sounds like they are about 1/3 of a mile away right now but will eventually head towards by stand. And you know how sound travels through the woods, it's...
  10. Grey Wolf

    Shotgun Turkey

    Tried circling in on a group of 8 or so birds. They soon knew something was up and started moving out. They didn’t run though but started walking parallel to me in the cover on alert. Two got through a small opening at 40 yards so I figured I’d take the next bird that came through. Ended up with...
  11. Grey Wolf


    Looking like zero red or white oak acorns in my spots. Kind of strange.
  12. Grey Wolf

    NH 2018 Opener

    Pretty good shoot this morning. Pretty wet too. We got 9 Woodies and a bonus Mallard. Some Geese came through but didn't want to play.
  13. Grey Wolf

    Doe Down!

    Had a deer blowing at me 50 yards out in the dark going in this morning when I got about 10 yards from my stand. I shut my light off and slowly climbed up. It never crashed off and I could hear it walking around about 50 yards away snapping branches. About 20 minutes after legal I can hear a...
  14. Grey Wolf

    NH Small Bull

    This was one came through yesterday evening (9/20/18). Similar to NH Hunter - this Bull is grunts a few times. I know there are at least two Cows in the area he's probably working.
  15. Grey Wolf

    NH Woodcut Cam

    Here are some pics from my Wood cut spot. There was a decent 8 traveling with a Fork. Some Does around and a cow moose too. Caught a Coyote and Bear traveling through.
  16. Grey Wolf

    Maine Bear

    Here's some pics of my Maine bear from a couple weeks ago. A young adult dry sow. It was a real hot day in the 80's at the peak. She came into the bait around 7:15PM behind me coming down the entrance trail. I could see her in my peripheral view and she stood up and scratched her back. Then came...
  17. Grey Wolf

    Just Bought a Crossbow

    Got a decent deal at Cabelas. $200 with free shipping. I had a $100 gift card so the entire package cost met $100 out of pocket.
  18. Grey Wolf

    Maine Downeast 8-pointer

    This guy let us pull over on the side of the road for a 20 yard pic. There was a second 6 or 8 pointer with him. Shaping up to be a dandy!
  19. Grey Wolf

    NH 2018 1st Cam Checks

    Nothing big for bucks, mostly young ones but got a pic of a Bear and Cub along with various Moose. Some Does with Fawns...
  20. Grey Wolf

    Nothern NH Trout

    Had 6 good days of trout fishing along the upper Connecticut River in NH. Kept some for the grill but most went back. Here are some pics: