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  1. 2Barrel

    Hand Turned Yellowheart Aluminum over Glass Pot Call F/S

    Hi folks. Here's a real beauty. Yellowheart Aluminum over Glass pot call. As always, this call is 100% hand turned "by me" with a very weather resistant hand rubbed oil finish. This type of finish takes days to complete. NOT minutes or hours. This call is a real screamer with plenty of rasp. It...
  2. 2Barrel

    Hello from N.J.

    Hi all. Brand spankin new here and thought I'd stop by here to introduce myself. I live in N.J. and have been hunting since 1980. Been fishing since, well, uh, heck I cant even remember. Anyways when I'm not hunting I'm out scouting. When I'm not scouting I'm salt water fishing. When I'm not...